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India's civilization

What is Brahman? a universal spirit
Who founded India's first empire? Chandragupta Maurya
What does the caste determine? jobs social groups and marriage
How did the the Aryans change India? Sanskrit
What are the Vedas? India's sacred text
What rights did Indian woman NOT have? vote,divorce,and choose social group
What beliefs do Buddhist practice? Eightfold path
What did the Hindus believe about animal life? sacred to them
What is Dharma? divine law
what sea does the Indus River empty into. Mediterranean sea
What was a job of a guru? to teach upper class boys
The golden age of culture came during which empire? Gupta empire
what do the ancient indians believe about marriage? be arranged
why did Mauryan dynasty prosper under Asoka? welfare
Theravada and Mahayana Buddhism had what belief in common? Eightfold path
What was India's earliest civilization and where did it begin? Indus river harrapan
What did Buddha believe people should follow? eliminate suffering
What is Jainism? religion with peaceful liviings
What is emperor Asoka most remembered for? peace from buddhim
Describe India's caste system? Brahmins
What did the Bhagavad Gita say? One should do his/hers duty
What did ancient astronomers believe about earth? Earth was round revolvded around sun and gravity
what did a centralized government? strong army,good communication system,and well run spy system
Created by: Camila0414