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Mongols and Japan V.

Pastoralist people that herded domesticated animals similar to Nomads.
Clans a group of people descended from a common ancestor.
Genghis Khan was accepted as a title and he was a universal ruler of the Mongol class.
Pax Mongolica is the Mongol Peace and the period when the Mongols imposed stability and law and order across Eurasia.
Kublai Khan was the grandson of Genghis Khan and assumed the title Great Khan in 1260.
Marco Polo
was the most famous European to visit China in these years and was a young Venetian trader, traveler by caravan.
the native religion of Japan, meaning way of the gods.
one of the professional warriors who served Japanese feudal lords.
is where samurai lived according to a demanding code of behavior, way of the warrior.
Shogun in feudal Japan, a supreme military commander who ruled in the name of the emperor.
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