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Road to War

Adolf Hitler Nazi Party.He hated the Treaty of Versailles and he vowed to make Germany raise again. He hated the Jews and he wrote the facts in Mein Karpf.
Advantages Of Great Britain larger equipped navy; it was more difficult to conquer because t was an island; R.A.F
American First Committee it was formed to block further aid to Great Britain. Charles Lindbergh was the American First Committee, and he was also the first person to fly over the Atlantic ocean.
Appeasement Britain and France->appeasement: giving into a competitor's demands in order to keep the peace; they thought that Hitler had no intentions of expanding; they gave up the appeasement when Hitler attacked Czechoslovakia; pledged to support Poland.
Battle of Britain The British where able to keep the German's out of Britain and prevent Hitler from expanding north.
Benito Mussolini Fascist Party; LL Duche; With the T of V he felt cheated because they promised to give him lands; invade north Africa; Italian Army poor and weak; he didnt care about the Jews; Economy poor-> Great Depression
Blitzkrieg Lightning War; bomb from the air Luftwaffe; Tanks and artillery; Infantry attacks.
Cash and Carry nations paid in cash and transported cargo themselves.
Charles Lindbergh Leader of the American First Committee, and he also was the first person to fly through the Atlantic Ocean.
Communist Party The military was the Red Army, the Largest army in Europe: the economy was poor because of the Great Depression; comrade; the territory that they wanted to acquire was Eastern Europe
Emperor Hirohito He was the Emperor of Japan.
Fascist Party they wanted to acquire North Africa. Name of the military: Italian Army, poor and weak; poor and weak due to the Great Depression; they didn't care about the Jews.
Franklin Roosevelt started to restrict trade to Japan in an effort to stop Japanese expansion. He cut off financial aid and oil shipments to Japan.
Great Depression was a severe worldwide economic depression
Japan's Goals The empire needed Raw Materials for their country so they took over Indo-China; their goal was to destroy U.S fleet and attack the U.S before we could rebuild.
Joseph Stalin Leaded the Communist Party. called by comrade.
Lend-Lease Act it allowed the President to aid any nation whose defense he believed was vital to American security.
Mein Kampf T
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