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Roman Emperors

Names and descriptions of Roman Emperors

Caesar In 44 B.C. he declared himself emperor for life
Augustus Created a 150,000 man professional army. Set up the Praetorian Guard. First leader of the Pax Romana (2 hundred years of peace)
Caligula Named his horse Consul
Nero Known as the Artist emperor. Played his Fiddle as he watched Rome burn in 64 A.D. Committed suicide to end his rule.
Vespasian Put down a Jewish revolt in Palestine. Destroyed the Jewish temple in Jerusalem in 70 A.D.
Pius Promoted art and science; built new public works; passed laws to aid orphans
Marcus Aurelius Helped unite the empire economically;reformed Roman Law
Commodus Son of Marcus Aurelius. Fought as a Gladiator. Killed in 192 A.D. by his bodyguard.
Diocletian Divided the Empire into 4 military districts with rulers in each. He kept the overall power of the Empire.
Constantine Moved the capital of Rome to Byzantium and renamed it Constantinople. Made Christianity the official Roman religion.
Theodosius Divided the Empire into East and West.
Justinian Tried to Reunite the empire after the West fell. Used Cavalry instead of foot solders. Simplified the empires laws so the common man could understand the codes.
Cincinnatus Know for being early Roman Ruler to turn the military back to the republic after defense of Rome.
Nerva Known as one of the 5 good emperors. Reformed laws in favor of the poor; revised taxes.
Claudius Built new harbor at Ostia and new aqueduct for Rome; conquered most of Britain.
Tiberius Great Military leader; regulated business to prevent fraud; kept Rome's economy stable. Leader of Rome when Jesus was crucified.
Trajan Expanded the empire to its largest size; built many new public works.
Hadrian Build Hadrian's wall in Britain; simplified Roman law
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