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road to war

things about how WWII begins

Adolf Hitler leader of germany, who wants to kill every race other than his own, white AND christian
Advantages of Great Britain fought on homeland, had a well trained air force, and is an island
American First Committee This group was completely against USA going into the war to help, america first basically
Appeasement Pleasing hitler so that he stops taking land
Battle of Britian trying to take britain, hitler's first loss
Benito Mussolini leader of italy, ally of hitler
Blitzkrieg lightning war - bomb, tanks, boots
cash and carry bring you own boat and the money and we will load that boat up with NON war goods
Charles Lindberg famous for flying from USA to France, against the idea of helping any country, USA first
Communist party Joseph Stalin, he killed his own people
Emperor hirohito Emperor of Japan
fascist party rule over italy, took people stuff then killed them
Franklin roosevelt President of USA, decides to stay neutral until Pearl Harbor occurs
great depression the biggest depression of this time, effecting mainly the whole world, everyone is poor
japans goals to destroy Navy at Hawaii so usa cant help russia or china
Joseph Stalin leader of the USSR
lend lease act get it now, pay it later
mein kampf the book hitler writes while he's in jail
nazi party Hitler's party which will eventually become the leader
neutrality act stating USA is neutral and will not get involved
pearl harbor japan's bombing of pearl harbor, the day we consider and then join the war
poland The point where Great Britain and France declare war on Germany
roosevelt's address to congress stating we will fight back and help in the war since japan attacked us.
winston churchill Prime Minister of Great britain and will not give up easily
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