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Med Term Ch1-7

Study Guide for Mid Term Ch1-7 '17

-gram a picture or record
-graphy process of producing a picture or record
-ology The study of
-plasm formation
adduction limb movement toward the midline
adhesion band of fibrous tissue
angina chest pains
anterior situated in the front
antiviral medication used to treat viral infections
apnea a temporary absense of spontaneous respiration
arteri/o artery
arteriomalacia abnormal softening of an artery or arteries
arteriostenosis abnormal narrowing of an artery or arteries
arthr/o joint
arthroplasty surgical repair or replacement of a damaged joint
ather/o plaque or fatty substance
atrophy muscle weakness from lack of use
bacilli rod-shaped spore forming bacteria
bactericide topical antibacterial medication
bradycardia the condition of having an abnormally slow resting heartbeat
bronch/o bronch/o
carditis inflammation of the heart
craniectomy surgical removal of a portion of the skull
craniotomy surgical opening into the skull
cytokines proteins that act as intracellular signals to begin the immune response
diarrhea Frequent watery stools
dorsal Back of the body or organ
embolism sudden blockage of a blood vessel
Endarterial Pertaining to the lining of an artery
eupnea easy or normal breathing
fasciitis inflammation of a fascia
frontal plane also known as coronal plane, it splits the body/structure into anterior and posterior parts
fungus simple parasitic organism, includes yeast or thrush
Gastrosis Any disease of the stomach
hempoptysis coughing up blood or bloodstained sputum
horizontal plane also known as transverse plane, it splits the body/structure into superior and inferior parts
hypoxemia condition of below-normal oxygen levels in the blood
hypoxia condition of below-normal oxygen levels in body tissues and organs
interferon produced in response to the presence of antigens
ischemic heart disease a group of cardiac disabilities resulting from an insufficient supply of oxygenated blood to the heart
laryng/o larynx or throat
laryngitis inflammation of the larynx often causes loss of voice
malignent capable of spreading to distant body sites or other body systems and potentially life threatening
medial nearer the midline
myc/o fungal
myel/o bone marrow or spinal cord
myocardial infarction occlusion of one or more coronary arteries caused by plaque buildup
myocarditis inflammation of the cardiac muscle
myolysis degeneration of muscle
myoplasty surgical repair of muscle
myorrhaphy suturing together of the muscle
myoscarcoma malignant tumor derived from muscle tissue
nehpr/o kidney
neo- new or strange
neur/o nerve
noct- night
ostectomy surgical removal of bone
osteotomy surgical opening into bone
ot/o ear
ox/o, ox/y oxygen
palpitation temporary racing heartbeat
pathogens disease producing microorganisms
pericarditis inflammation of the outerlayer of the heart
phag/o eat, swallow
pharyng/o pharynx
pleur/o pleura
pleurisy inflammation of the pleura
pleurodynia pain in the pleura
pneum/o lung
pneumonia Inflammation of the lungs
posterior situated in the back
pronation rotating the palm of the hand downward
pulmon/o lung
pyothorax an accumulation of pus in the pleural cavity
rabies acute viral infection transmitted to humans by an infected animal
right iliac region right hip region
sagittal plane this plane splits the body/structure into left and right parts
sarcoma malignant tumor derived from connective tissue
sleep apnea breathing repeatedly stops and starts for long enough periods to cause a decrease in blood oxygen levels
somn/o sleep
spir/o to breathe
spirochetes spiral shaped bacteria with flexible walls
Superior uppermost, above or toward the head
supination rotating the palm of the hand upward
tachycardia the condition of having an abnormally fast resting heartbeat
thorac/o chest
thoracentesis surgical puncture to remove fluid from the pleural cavity
thrombosis abnormal condition of having a blood clot on the interior wall of a blood vessel
tracheostomy creation of an opening into the trachea to insert a tube
umbilical region area of the abdomen around the belly button
viruses very small infectious agents that live only by invading other cells
Created by: EdwardsATC
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