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bible test 3

animosity strong hatred; active hostility
apprehend to seize; to take hold of
articulate expressing oneself clearly; clearly presented
cite to quote; to name or refer to
commemorate to call to remembrance by a ceremony
comprehensive including much
contemporaries persons living in the same period of history
continuity A continuous series or succession; unbroken, coherent, whole
credentials that which entitles to confidence
essence something that is or exists; essential being
evangelist one who preaches the gospel
exaltation the act of elevating in power, wealth, rank or dignity, or promoting to a high position
impetus driving force or motive
incorporate to bring together in a single whole; to mix or combine completely
investigative inclined to careful search, detailed examination, or systematic inquiry
justified declared righteous by God's grace through Christ's sacrifice
methodical orderly, systematic
nobility having high station or rank
occult hidden or concealed; realm of mystic studies and magic arts
patron an influential person who supports some person or activity
pivotal of great importance
profane to treat with contempt, as not being sacred
respectively with respect to each of two or more, in the order named or mentioned
restitution a return to a former condition or situation
scourge to whip or lash severely
succeeded followed next in order of another
validity strength or force form being supported by fact
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