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Theology Test


What happened IN Gn.. 1? God created the world in 7 days.
What did he create the first day? light and darkness
What did he create on day 2? sea and sky
What did he create on the third day? sea and dry land
What did he create on day 4? sun, moon, and sky
What did he create on the fifth day? animals who occupied the sea and sky
What did he create on day 6? land, animals, humans
What did he do on day 7? He saw the world was good, and rested.
How does he make the world? He says or commands it.
He creates the universe out of what? Love
Was it really 7 days to make the whole universe? It may have been, or it is the perfect amount of time.
Genesis definition beginning
in tempore definition in time
ex nihilo definition out of nothing
How does in tempore and ex nihilo apply to the creation of the world? God created out of nothing in time.
On what day did God say, "Let us..."? 6th day
Who is he referencing to when he says, "Let us.."? the trinity
What happens in Gn. 2? God creates man.
How is Adam made? God breathed dust in, and when he exhaled, Adam was created.
The breath of Go did Adam's what? soul
Human beings are made in what comparison to God? They are made in the image and likeness of God.
Where were animals created? From the ground.
What verse was Adam created? Gn. 2:7
formed definition made out of great care and skill
Humas are ___________ creatures. Composite
Composite definition two parts
What 2 parts do humans have? Will and Intellect
Will definition choosing
Intellect definition human beings thinking, the capacity to know truth.
Will and intellect are two parts of humans, but also what? parts of the soul
Human beings bridge the gap between what? The supernatural and natural world.
Original Solitude definition Adam needs a relationship with another human. Adam is alone with the animals.
How was Eve created? Eve was created from the side or rib of Adam.
Why was Eve created? Eve was created to be suited to Adam.
Marriage God tells Adam and Eve to be fertile and multiply and blesses them.
Original Innocence definition Adam and Eve were naked, but they felt no shame. Before Original Sin.
What tree was in the middle of the Garden of Eden? Tree of knowledge of good and evil.
What is the Garden of Eden referred to as? paradise
Can we lose the Garden of Eden? Yes we can, but not heaven.
Relationships between bodies need a _____________ and __________ to image God since theyre _________________. male and female; complementary.
In the Garden of Eden, there is no what? sin or suffering
extesie definition over joy and happiness.
In Gn. 1:28, God is blessing Adam and Eve showing their what? unity as husband and wife
What was the one rule that was given to Adam and Eve? do not eat from the tree of knowledge, or you will die.
Evolution a theory of how life was developed. Your soul is made by God.
Satan the father of evil in snake form.
Who does the serpent tempt in Gn 3: 1-5? Eve
temptation definition something moving us to something that our conscience knows is wrong.
Satan tries to tempt Eve by saying what? That God does not love them.
When Satan askes Eve what her one command was, what one word told us that she was already tempted? perhaps
The Fall of Man Eve is tempted and eats an apple from the tree, and she encourages Adam to have some.
The Fall is also knows as what? Original Sin
4 broken relationships caused from the Fall God and human, Nature and humans, Man and women, man and self (this is what any sin does)
4 consequences of the Fall Death (no more tree of life), struggle with sin, childbirth is painful, work is hard.
Concupiscence definition the result of Original sin; the tendency towards sin. There was none in the Garden of Eden.
Protoevangelium the first Gospel or Good news. God promising a Messiah who will crush Satan's head and restore God's plan.
IN Gn. 3:15 what happened? Satan is crushed and heaven is opened.
Who are Cain and Abel? (Gn. 4: 1-16) Adam and Eve's sons.
What jobs do they boys have? Cain is a farmer. Abel is a herder.
What offering did God like better? God liked Abel's better.
what were part of Jewish culture? sacrifices
What did Cain and Abel offer? Cain offered a crop. Abel offered a portion of a cow.
Where did Cain bring Abel? To a feild
What did God say to Cain? why are you dejected and angry? If you sin, you will not be accepted.
Still, what does Cain do? He kills Abel.
After Cain kills Abel, what does God do to him? puts a mark on him telling everyone that you should not touch or talk to him, and Cain left to become a nomad.
What is Adam and Eve's other son's name? Seth.
Why is God sending a flood? Human have become wicked. He regrets he made men.
What type of man was Noah and his sons? Righteous
What are Noah's sons's names? Shem, Ham, Japeth
Noah is told to build what? He is told to build an ark.
Who went on the ark? Noah, his wife, Japeth, Ham, Shem, and two animals of every species.
The flood occurred how many days and how many nights? 40; 40 (or the perfect amount of time)
What does Noah build when he gets off the ark? an alter to sacrifice animals
How does God restore the covenant? He tells Noah and his sons to be fertile and multiply, the same thing he said to Adam and Eve.
What is symbol of the covenant? rainbow
In Gn. 9:18-28, what happens? Noah gets drunk and becomes Naked.
Who sees him naked? Ham
What does Ham do? Ham tells his brothers.
Japeth and Shem do what to Noah? They cover him in respect of his Father.
What happens in Gn. 11:1-9 Tower of Babel
out of ______, the people made ___________. pride, tower
Tower builders wanted to make a city with the top of the tower where? In the sky and in the center.
God came down from heaven and the people became what? humiliated.
God then does what to the people? God scatters them and changes their languages.
Created by: cmccloskey15
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