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Mongol Empire

performance final: mongols

sentence blank
the mongols lived in the harsh climate of the Eurasian ______, an are with little rain & extreme temperatures qsteppe
Mongol life centered on ________ animals, especially horses. Herding
Mongols lived as nomadic _______, constantly searching for better __________ lands. Clans, Pasture
As a result of their lifestyle, the Mongols were tough _________ who occasionally raided nearby settlements. warriors
From 1200 to 1206, a clan leader named ____ ______ unified the Mongols. Genghis Khan
Genghis Khan built a powerful Mongol _______ & began a 21-year _______ of Eurasia. army, conquest
Under Genghis & and later Khans, the mongols conquered.... Central Asia, _______, Korea, Russia, and the _________ empire China, Islamic
Mongol soldiers were excellent ________; Used the horse saddle to shoot arrows while riding. Horsemen
Genghis Khan was a brilliant military organizer & strategist, but his greatest tactic was ________ & _______- Terror, Fear
If an enemy refused to ________, Genghis would order the death of the entire population. Deaths
As the Mongol _________ spread, many towns surrendered to Genghis without a _____ Reputation, Fight
Created by: Easy80