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Chapter 11-12 Voc.

Honors test Vocabulary

expansionism a policy of extending a nation’s boundaries
Louisiana Purchase a large territory purchased from France in 1803
Manifest Destiny the belief that the United States was destined to expand from sea to sea across the entire North American continent
secede to withdraw; usually referring to part of a nation leaving in an attempt to gain independence
segregation forced separation by race, sex, religion, or ethnicity
imperialism the domination by one country of the political, economic, or cultural life of another country or region
protectorate a region in which a local ruler was left in place but expected to follow the advice of European advisors on issues such as trade or missionary activity
sphere of influence an area in which an outside power claimed exclusive investment or trading privileges
Usman dan Fodio scholar who inspired resistance against corruption and European control; began an Islamic revival in northern Nigeria
Shaka military leader of the Zulu who united his people, setting off a series of wars in southern Africa
paternalistic governing a country as a father would a child
David Livingstone an African explorer and missionary who hoped to open the African interior to trade and Christianity to end slavery
Henry Stanley American journalist who trekked across Africa and “found” Dr. Livingstone in 1871
King Leopold II king of Belgium who set off a scramble among European powers for African colonies in the late 1800s
Boer War 1899–1902; a war in which the British defeated Dutch Boers in South Africa
Samori Touré leader of forces fighting the French in West Africa
Yaa Asanewaa queen of the Asante who led her people’s battle against the British in West Africa
Nehanda woman who led the Shona of Zimbabwe against the British until her capture and execution
Menelik II reforming leader who tried to modernize Ethiopia, allowing it to avoid colonial takeover
elite upper class
Muhammad Ahmad a Sudanese man who announced he was the Mahdi, setting off resistance to British expansion in northern Africa
Mahdi a Muslim savior of the faith
pasha provincial ruler in the Ottoman empire
sultan a Muslim ruler
genocide a deliberate attempt to destroy a cultural, racial, or political group
Muhammad Ali father of modern Egypt; expanded cotton production, encouraged development, increased participation in world trade, and invited Western military experts to Egypt to help build a well-trained, modern army
concession special right given to a foreign power, such as the right to drill for oil or export minerals
sati Hindu custom that called for a widow to join her husband in death by throwing herself on his funeral fire
sepoy Indian soldier hired by the British East India Company; sepoys rebelled in 1857
viceroy British official who ruled in India in the name of the queen
deforestation the destruction of forest land
Ram Mohun Roy Indian reformer who founded Hindu University in Calcutta; sought to reform but not replace Indian culture
purdah the isolation of women into separate quarters
balance of trade the difference between how much a country imports and how much it exports
trade surplus situation in which a country exports more than it imports
trade deficit situation in which a country imports more than it exports
Opium War a war that took place in 1839 when China outlawed opium and clashed with British merchants selling it in China; British gunboats easily defeated the Chinese
indemnity payment for losses in a war
extraterritoriality the right of foreigners to be protected by the laws of their own nation
Taiping Rebellion a massive peasant uprising against corruption in the Qing dynasty; between 1850 and 1864, 20 to 30 million may have perishe
Sino-Japanese War the 1894 war in which Japan took Taiwan
Open Door Policy the 1899 United States policy demanding open trade in China
Guang Xu the young emperor who attempted to bring reform to the Qing dynasty
Boxer Uprising anti-foreign movement in China from 1898–1900
Sun Yixian also known as Sun Yat-sen; named first president of new Chinese republic in 1911
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