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Ch.5 Grade Savers

Acculturation Less dominant culture comes in contact
Amalgamation society "melting pot theory"
Apartheid Physical separation of different races
Assimilation Final completion of the cultural acculturation process
Balkanization conflicts among ethnic groups`
Blockbusting Getting white families to sell houses
Centrifugal Force Forces from within a state that tend to divide it
Centripetal force Unifies people
Environmental Racism Likelihood that a racial minority population inhabits a polluted area
Ethnic Cleansing More powerful group forcible removes less powerful ethnic group
Ethnic enclave When an ethnic cluster does persist
Ethnic Flag Marker of ethnicity
Ethnic Islands Small dots in the countryside
Ethnic Neighborhood Area within a city same ethnic background
Ethnic Provinces Include French Canadians in Quebec
Ethnicity Identity with a group who share cultural traditions
Ethnourbs Suburban ethnic neighborhoods
Genocide Effort to kill everyone within a particular ethnic group
Ghetto Segregated ethnic area within a city
Identifying against first define the other define ourselves as not the other
Identity How we make sense of ourselves
Minority racial or ethnic group smaller than
Multi-ethnic State State that contains more than one ethnicity
Multinational state Two ethnic groups coexist peacefully
Nationality Identity with a group who shares legal attatchment
Nation-state Occupied by a particular ethnicity
Race Group of human beings distinguished by physical traits
Racism Race is the primary determinant of human traits
Salad Bowl Theory Integration of the many different cultures of United States residents combine like a salad
Segregation Members of an ethnic group are not uniformly distributed in relation to the rest of the population.
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