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Comparative Govt

Apartheid existed between these years 1948-1994
Apartheid existed in this nation South Africa
Apartheid forced black Africans to live on lands designated to them called reserves, homelands or townships
He was a totalitarian ruler in the Soviet Union during World War II Joseph Stalin
He wrote the Declaration of Independence and believed Democracy was the best form of Government Thomas Jefferson
He ruled over France after the French Revolution as a sole leader, an Autocratic Ruler Napoleon Bonaparte
He was the Fascist Ruler of Italy during World War II Benito Mussolini
The Magna Carta was forced upon and signed by this King of England King John
The Magna Carta created a more Democratic nation in what country England
The Magna Carta gave rights to nobles and created this British Legislative branch Parliament
This political philosopher believed the government should rule over the people Thomas Hobbes
He argued that the best form of government should have 3 branches, an executive, a legislative and judicial branch Baron de Montesquieu
He believed the purpose of government is to preserve the "natural rights of the people"-life, liberty and property John Locke
What continent can the Empire of Ghana be found Africa
What continent can the Han Dynasty be found Asia
What continent can the British Empire be found Europe
What Empire did Mansa Musa hail from Mali
What continent can the Ghana Empire be found Africa
What continent can the Mayan Empire be found The Americas
In the 14th Century he made the Haj to Mecca and brought with him more than 30 tons of gold Mansa Musa
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