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unit 4


Daughter of King Henry VIII Known as the virgin queen for her refusal to marry neither a Catholic or Protestant her defeat of the Spanish Armada made England the most powerful nation in Europe Queen Elizabeth I
Christian denomination whose foundation is the concept of predestination also known as Huguenots puritans pilgrims and Presbyterians Calvinism
Written by Martin Luther these documented the Way in which the practices of the Catholic Church deviated from the teaching of the Bible The 95 theses
Protestant reformer who wrote the institutes of the Christian religion proposed The Theory of predestination and became the leader of Geneva Switzerland Jean (John) Calvin
Any Christian church that branched off from the Catholic Church as a result of theological differences Protestant church
French religion leader who helped the king drive out the Huguenots and ensure France remained a Catholic nation Richelieu
This ruling Family of the holy Roman empire were devout catholics whose persecution of the Protestants led to the thirty years war Hapsburg
This was formed by the Catholic Church to decide what should be done to combat the ideas and spread of the protestant reformation Council of Trent
The era that coincided with the renaissance which led to the division of Catholicism in Western Europe and the creation of new Christian denominations Protestant reformation
The leader of jesuits who were deployed by the Catholic Church to “win back lost souls.” And were members of the society of Jesus Ignatius of Loyola
Ended the 30 years war giving protestants religion tolerance and redrawing the map of Europe Treaty of Westphalia
Document Which proclaimed religion tolerance for French Huguenots Who were the protestants of France Edict of nanted
The reformers called for the Bible in-service/masses to be conducted in the language of the people which is called this Vernacular
Early reformers to gain followings but struggled to spread their message as the printing press had not yet been introduced to the Western Europe Wycliffe and Huss
Idea that God has always known who are the elect Who will be saved and who are the souls destined to be damned and that this fate is unchangeable Predestination
The church which had control of Western Europe until the advent of The Protestant Reformation Roman catholic church
Created as a result of Henry VIII’s fight with the pope this separated England from the Catholic Church permanently Church of England/Anglican church
French Calvinists whose Battle with the catholic rulers resulted in a series of seven more is known as the French wars of religion Huguenots
Considered the father of the reformation his idea that only the Scriptures Faith and Grace can provide salvation led to the first protestant church Martin Luther
Courts set up by the Catholic Church in all Catholic kingdoms design to question peoples faith to route out Heretics / protestants Inquisitions
Sold by the clergy to reduce or eliminate one’s time in purgatory to essentially fast track them to have him regardless of their sins Indulgences
The area of Europe that encompasses Germany and nearby areas that was engulfed in the thirty years war Holy Roman Empire
English loyalists whose quarrel with the pope over his desire for annulment Led to the creation of a new church of which he was the head Henry VIII
Formed by the papacy to devise methods for combatting the protestant reformation and to reiterate and clarify catholic doctrine Counter reformation /catholic reformation
Irish Catholics involved in the troubles are known as this Republicans
This nation was created for the Muslim Indians as a result of the partitioning (division) of India Pakistan
Orthodox Christian Serbs massacred Catholic Croats and Muslim boniaks during revolutions toWhen independence from this country Yogoslavia
The location of the Armenian genocide Ottoman empire
The Majority religion of India following its partitioning (division Hindu
These are people largely composed of British protestants who wanted Ireland to remain a British Possession loyalists
Arab and Palestinian Muslims war with Jews over the territory Making up this nation Israel
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