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Enemies of Rome

Barbarians and other enemies of Rome

Visigoths The Western Goths.
Alaric King of the Visigoths
Spartacus slave who escaped and started an uprising against Rome. He was eventually captured and crucified.
Vandals Germanic tribe of barbarians who invaded Rome and were known as fierce sea raiders. The word for destroying property comes from their reputation for ransacking everything in their path.
Ostrogoths Barbarians from Eurasia- the Eastern Goths
Celts A group of peoples that occupied lands stretching from the Britain and Ireland to Gaul (France) and Hispania. (Spain)
Gauls Celtic people who occupied present day France
Cleopatra a queen of the Ptolemaic dynasty and the last pharaoh of Egypt. She had a child by Caesar, and after his death, allied with Marc Antony but was defeated by Rome. She committed suicide with an asp (poisonous snake)
Attila King of the Huns, a barbaric tribe of fierce horsemen from Central Asia.
Vercengetorix King of the Gauls , Defeated by Caesar during the Gallic Wars
Hannibal Carthaginian general who invaded Italy and defeated several Roman armies. Led his war elephants across the Alps.
Carthaginians People of the prosperous city-state on the northern coast of Africa (present day Tunisia). Fought three Punic Wars against Rome and eventually defeated.
Dacians A barbarian people, defeated by Emperor Trajan, who lived north of the Danube River in present-day Romania.
Britons Ancient Celtic inhabitants of Britain
Boudicca Warrior queen of the Britons
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