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Social Studies

Ancient China

What dynasty created writing? Shang
What dynasty lasted over 400 years and focused on education? Han
What dynasty lasted 100 years? Zhou
What dynasty did Shi Huangdi come from? They restricted freedoms and believed in the mandate of heaven. Qin
yellow-brown soil loess
protective wall that holds back water dike
closely related people of several generations extended family
a Chinese philosopher and teacher whose beliefs had a great influence on Chinese life Confucius
system of beliefs and values philosophy
the group of people whose job it is to carry out the work of the government civil service
founder of Qin dynasty and China's first emperor Shi Huangdi
the type of money used by a group or a nation currency
founder of the Han dynasty Liu Bang
Chinese emperor who brought the Han dynasty to its greatest strength Wudi
local leader of an armed group warlord
an ancient trade route between China and Europe Silk Road
a valuable cloth made only in China from threads spun by caterpillars silk
a Chinese scholar, astronomer, and historian; author of the most important History of Ancient China Sima Qian
how do the Chinese see the dragon? a respected spirit
climate of north China plain? very dry
Why did the Chinese have little knowledge of other civilizations? mountains and seas separated China from other civilizations
second longest river in china? Huang
longest river in China? Chang
why can the Huang be refereed to as China's sorrow brought destructive floods
first dynasty in China? Shang
What were the Shang dynasty's accomplishments? first Chinese writing system
who took over the Shang dynasty? Zhou
believed that rulers came to power because it is their destiny, or fate mandate of Heaven
Describe traditional Chinese families? as many as 5 generations living together
what was the role of women in China? obey their father until they got married then obey their husband and mother-in-law
how were babies named passed down by their father
main goal of Confucius teachings pass on the forgotten teachings of wise people
what is Taoism religious philosophy
what is the merit system the exams were based on Confucius
what was found in trees in northern China terra cotta
who was china's first emperor Shi Huangdi
describe the great wall of china system of walls; stretches over 4,500 miles
who was Liu bang founder of the Han dynasty
a warlord; the last Han emperor Cao Pei
why was the silk road important ideas and goods were passed; brought China into contact with Central Asia
what other thing besides goods were traded along the silk road ideas
what problem did Sima Qian solve no one was sure when Chinese rulers lived or what they had accomplished
what did Chinese write on before paper wooden scrolls, bones, and books made of silk
what was early paper made from tree bark, hemp, and old rags
5 achievements arts, medicine, technology, paper, Silk Road
5 trade products silk, ideas, grapes, walnuts, garlic
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