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Industrial Revolutio

Flash Cards to Review

Great Britain Irregular Coastline
Great Britain Natural Resources
Great Britain Ports & Harbors
Great Britain Navigable Rivers & Canals
Agricultural Revolution Mechanization - Seed Drill
Agricultural Revolution Private Land Ownership
Agricultural Revolution Grain & Animal Food Surplus
Agricultural Revolution Migration from Rural to Urban Areas
Factory System Steam Engine
Factory System Increase Production
Transportation Railroads & Steam Ships
Transportation Connected Mines and Urban Areas & Ports
Transportation Increase Amounts Delivered
Raw Materials Natural Resources
Raw Materials Coal & Iron Ore
Colonies Provided Raw Materials
Colonies Provided a Market to Purchase Manufactured Goods
Factories Provided Jobs for Laborers
Factories Owned by Bourgeoisie
Factories Assembly Lines
Laborers Poor Working Conditions
Laborers Low Wages
Laborers Children
Laborers Women - Textile Factories
Laborers Men - Mines
Laborers Outnumbered Middle Class and Nobility
Capitalism Adam Smith
Capitalism Adam Smith wrote the book, "Wealth of Nations"
Capitalism Create your own Wealth
Capitalism Laissez Faire
Capitalism Little Government Intervention
Laissez Faire Free Trade
Laissez Faire Adam Smith
Laissez Faire Little Government Intervention
Bourgeoisie Owned Factories, Lawyers, Doctors, Managers, Clerks & Professional - White Collar Workers
Bourgeoisie Had Leisure Time
Bourgeoisie Took Vacations
Bourgeoisie Wives didn't work
Bourgeoisie Children went to school and had nannies
Bourgeoisie Segregated Housing from Lower Class
Laborers Known as Proletariat
Laborers Long working hours
Laborers Crowded Living Conditions
Urban Areas Grew in Great Britain and Europe as Countries Industrialized
Urban Areas Poor Sanitation
Urban Areas Disease & Pollution
Urban Areas Segregated Housing
Entrepreneur Invested in business...Part of the Bourgeoisie
Communist Karl Marx
Communist Class Struggle between Bourgeoisie and Proletariat
Communist Give Working Class (Proletariat) the Means of Production
Communist Means of Production - Gives workers factories and natural resources
Communist Proletariat would rebel against the Bourgeoisie
Communist Believe in Strong Government Involvement in Business
Communist Similar to Socialism
Karl Marx Developed Communism
Karl Marx Wrote, "Communist Manifesto"
Karl Marx Opposite of Adam Smith
Karl Marx Advocate the Overthrow of Capitalism
Communism Overthrow Capitalism and Bourgeoisie
Irish Famine Potato Blight
Irish Famine British Rulers did not help due to Laissez Faire
Irish Famine Enough Food but it was exported
Irish Famine Million Deaths due to Starvation & Disease
Irish Famine Migration from Ireland to America, Britain & other Countries
Irish Famine Decrease Population in Ireland
Irish Famine Cultural Diffusion of Irish Culture to other parts of the World
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