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Feudal Japan

A quiz to test yourself on your Feudal Japan knowledge.

Japan is located in? East Asia
How many main islands are in Japan? 4
The landscape of Japan is ? Mountainous
What problem emerged because of Japan's terrain? It was very hard to govern as a whole nation.
What was the basis of the Japanese diet? Rice
Why was rice the basis of the Japanese diet? It was heavily grown in that area due to the climate
External influences on Japan came from where? Korea and China
What was the acronym for the first three Shoguns? KAT
What does KAT stand for? Kamakura, Ashikaga and Tokugawa
After fighting what happened? One war lord claimed power over Japan. His name was Kamakura.
Who was the first Shogun of Japan? Kamakura
After Japan had it's first Shogun, what kind of role did the emperor have? Symbolic. He was a ceremonial and spiritual figurehead.
Who had the most power? Shogun
Under what Shogun did the Tea Ceremony emerge? Ashikaga
What emerged in Ashikaga's reign? Tea ceremonies
When did Japan become very artistic? Under Ashikaga's reign.
How did Japan turn under Ashikaga's reign? Artistic
Who was the longest serving Shogunate? Tokugawa
What was the oldest religion in Japan? Shinto
What religion had nature as it's central? Shinto
What wer Torii? Special gates marking Shinto shrines.
Zen Buddhism came from where? Korea and China
Korea and China brought what religion to Japan? Zen Buddhism
Shinto was teh what religion of Japan? Indigenous.
What was the indigenous religion of Japan? Shinto
Kami was from what religion? Shinto
Kami was? Nature spirits
Zen buddhism was focussed on? Discipline and meditation
Discipline and meditation were central to what religion? Zen Buddhism
Zen buddhists were seeking what? Enlightenment
Who was seeking enlightenment? Zen Buddhists
What roles made you an outcast? Acting, scavenging. butchery and undertaking.
Who was on the top of the social hierarchy? Emperor
Who was second on the social hierarchy? Shogun
Who was third on the social Hierarchy? Daimyo
Who was fourth on the social hierarchy? Samurai
Who was fifth on the social hierarchy? Peasants
Who was sixth on the social hierarchy? Artisans and craftspeople
Who was seventh on the social hierarchy? Merchants
Who was last on the social hierarchy? Outcasts
What did merchants do? Loaned money to samurai to make interest and they bought and sold.
What did artisans and craftspeople do? They made things from material given to them by the peasants.
What did peasants do? They farmed not only food but materials.
Samurai were? Educated warriors who fought, made taxes and ran a Daimyo's land
What made a daimyo a Shogun? Being to most powerful daimyo though money and an army
How long did the Tokugawa shogunate last? 237 years.
Created by: archg