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Famous Greeks

Philosophers, scholars, kings and politicians

Socrates Father of Greek philosophy who taught through questioning.
Plato Greek philosopher who wrote about political philosophy in "The Republic"; Student of Socrates and Aristotle's teacher.
Aristotle Greek philosopher who was a student of Plato and teacher of Alexander the Great; he taught logic, science, politics and poetry. He taught the world was made up of 4 elements: earth, wind,
Aeschylus Playwright considered the father of Greek tragedy
Sophocles the most popular playwright during Greek times
Pythagoras A scientist and philosopher; he came up with the Theorem still used today in much of geometry
Alexander King of Macedonia, known as the "Great"; he conquered Persia and ancient Egypt, and invaded India before his death at age 28. He spread Greek culture, or Hellenism.
Leonidas King who led the 300 Spartans against overwhelming Persian forces at battle of Thermopylae
Philip King of Macedonia and father of Alexander the Great who unified Greece
Themistocles Athenian admiral who destroyed the Persian navy at the Artemesian Straits and Salamis
Pericles Athenian leader and politician during the Golden Age who played a major role in the development of democracy
Solon Athenian statesman and politician
Herodotus Greek writer and historian who traveled throughout the ancient world
Eratosthenes Greek scholar who headed the Library of Alexandria; astronomer who calculated the circumference of the Earth
Democritus Greek philosopher who developed the radical theory that the universe is made up of atoms.
Euripides The last of the great Greek tragedy writers, known for having strong women characters and intelligent slaves.
Aristophanes Known as the father of Greek comedy
Aesop Known for writing fables with both talking animals as well as teaching a moral.
Pindar the greatest of Ancient Greece's lyric poets
Thucydides great Greek historian who was known for the exact science of his research, he wrote about the war between Athens and Sparta.
Hippocrates scholar considered the "father of medicine"
Demosthenes Considered the greatest orator (speech giver) of Greek times.
Homer blind poet credited with writing the Greek epics, the "Iliad" and the "Odyssey" about the Trojan War
Euclid Mathematician known for his book "The Elements", about geometry
Thales Greek who is the first recorded Western philosopher
Aristarchus Greek astronomer who was the first to theorize that the Earth orbited the Sun
Archimedes Greek inventor and mathematician; invented the formulas for the surface area and volume of a sphere
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