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WR--Native Religions

DSST World Religions

Animism A worldview common among oral religions that sees all elements of nature as being filled with spirit or spirits
Oral Religions religions with no written scriptures
Divination A foretelling of the future or a discovery of the unknown by magical means.
Dream Time The timeless time of Creation, according to Australian Aboriginal belief.
Druids Ancient Celtic priests
Goddess A female god
Indigenous Native to an area
Shaman A medicine man or woman who has undergone spiritual ordeals and can communicate with the spirit world to help the people in indigenous traditions.
Taboo A strong social prohibition.
Totem Animal (or image of animals) that is considered to be related by blood to a family or clan and is its guardian symbol
Trickster gods In native religions, mischievous gods who change shape and appearance to show that the world can be a surprising and unpredictable place.
Vision Quest In Native American religions, a solitary ordeal undertaken to seek spiritual guidance about one's mission in life.
Voodoo Latin American and Caribbean ways of working with the spirit world, a blend of West African and Catholic Christian teachings.
Osiris Isis's husband and Egyptian god who was king of the dead and ruled the underworld.
Ra The principal deity in ancient Egypt was this sun god
Isis The fertility goddess in ancient Egypt
Zeus In ancient Greece this ruler of the gods lived on Mount Olympus
Parthenon dedicated to Athena, this famous temple in Athens sat high atop the acropolis
Thor The god of thunder, this Norse god is depicted as a giant carrying a mighty hammer
Odin The Norse god of war
Zoroastrianism A monotheistic religion founded in Persia (Iran) by the prophet Zoroaster, he received a series of visions from the supreme god
Ahura Mazda In Zoroastrianism, the name of the one personal god who is the creator of the world and a friend of all people
Aztecs this civilization in central Mexico practiced human sacrifice to appease their sun god
Incas similar to the Aztecs, worship of the sun was very important to this civilization high in the Andes Mountains
Oral traditions when a tribes spiritual heritage is passed down by word and stories
Aborigines this people group in Australia recall the dreamtime when fantastic creatures roamed the earth and left their mark on the landscape
Great Spirit in Native American belief, the supreme being who is the creator of the world
Medicine Man in Native American belief he is a shaman, a priest, and the healer who has close contact with the spirit world
Witch doctor or shaman African tribes believe that this person can travel through the spirit world while in a trance as well as practice medicine
Pantheon a collection of gods
Polytheistic worshiping more than one god
Mayans these people of the Yucatan in Mexico worshiped gods important to the harvest including gods of sun, rain and corn.
Peyote the Mayans and some Native Americans used this hallucinogenic cactus to help bring about spiritual visions
Oracle of Delphi a priestess at the Temple of Apollo in ancient Greece, considered to be a source of wise counsel or prophecy
Calumet A long-stemmed sacred pipe used primarily by many native peoples of North America; it is smoked as a token of peace.
Ragnarok In the Norse tradition, the end of the world and the beginning of a new heaven and a new Earth.
Totem pole a tall decorated pole on which each Native American tribe carves the shape of its guardian spirit
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