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Chapter 10 Vocab

plebiscite a popular vote
regime a government in power
emancipation the act of setting free
abolitionism a movement to end slavery
creole a person of European dexcent born in Latin America and living there permanently
peninsulare a person born on the liberian Peninsula
mestizo a person of mixed European an dNative American descent
intervention the involvement in a situation to alter the outcome
caudillo in post-revolutionary Latine America, a strong leader who ruled chiefly by military force, usually with the support of the landed elite
erupt to suddenly become active or violent
cash crop a crop that is grown for sale rather than for personal use
romanticism an intellectual movement that emerged at the end of the eighteenth century in reaction to the ideas of the Enlightenment; it stressed feelings, emotion, and imagination as sources of knowing
individuality a total character that distinguishes an individual from others
appproach the way or methof in which one examines or studies an issue or a concept
secularization indefference to or rejection of religion or religious consideration
natural selection the principle set forth by Charles Darwin that some organisms are more adaptable to the environment than others
realism a mid-nineteenth century movement that rejected romanticism and sought to portray lower- and middle-class life as it actually was
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