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Curta's AP Geography

AP Population Review

Carrying capacity is a reflection of cultural subduction
The systematic study of human population is called demography
The first stage of the demographic transition is marked by high birth rates, high but fluctuating death rates
Zero population growth (ZPG) refers to an exact equation of births and deaths
The theory of the demographic transition holds that both birth and death rates decrease with urbanization
One check to rapid population increase formerly available to European countries but not a possibility in today's developing societies was mass migration
During the last decade of the 20th century, world population increased each year by about 84 million.
The doubling time for world population at recent rates of increase is about 50 years
When the average fertility rate of a population drops to the replacement level population continues to grow for a generation or more
The continent with the highest total fertility rates overall is Africa
The Malthusian theory is based on what assumptions? Population tends to increase more rapidly than do the food supplies to support that population
The portions of the earth's surface permanently inhabited by humans make up the ecumene.
Some 90% of the world's population resides on less than what percent of its land area? 20
A broad-based population pyramid suggests that a country is in what stage of the demographic transition? second
The crude death rate for wealthy Western Europe is much higher than that for Central America because Western Europe has a higher proportion of old people
What are the characteristics of a national population that one can tell from its population pyramid? age structure, sex structure, dependency ratio
An expression of population pressure exerted on agricultural land is physiological density
Population projections have often been inaccurate in the past and likely will be inaccurate in the future because projections are based on assumptions about trends that may not be supported by events
General worldwide declines of crude death rates do not apply to pregnancy-related deaths
Numerically, the smallest of the major world population concentrations is that of the northeastern United States and southeastern Canada.
Rapid increases in life expectancy are characteristic of which stage of the demographic transition? second
What is the term used to describe a population group unified by an identifying characteristic cohort
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