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Mod G Unit 3 Vocab

Vocab Chapter 7 Mod G

to move away from the midline abduction
towards the midline adduction
removal of an extremity du to injury or disease amputation
non progressive paralysis due to defects in the brain or birth trauma Cerebral Palsy
using cold for thearaputic purposes cryotherapy
heatwaves that provide muscle relaxation and therapy diathermy
tests to determine extent of illness or disease diagnostic
light stroking movement which may be performend in a circular pattern effleurage
turning outward eversion
movement into straight position extention
accumulation of fluid, pus, or serum in a vacity or tissue, may become hard/crusty exudates
manner of walking gait
extreme or abnormal extension or stretching hyperextension
to apply pressure with hands massage
ability to move the thumb into contact with the other fingers opposition
disease that results in loss of bone mass, post menopausal women osteoporosis
paralysis of the lower portion of the body paraplegia
kneading or rolling meathod of massage, pressing muscles petrissage
physician specializing in physical medicine and rehab physiatrist
turn downward or backward; face down pronation; prone
an artificial body part prosthesis
paralysis of all four extremities of the body quadriplegia
process of assisting a pationt to regain health and function rehabilitation
ROM range of motion
pain and disability due to trauma of a joint sprain
trauma to a muscle from excessive stretching or pulling strain
the usually clear liquid overlaying material deposited by settling, precipitation, or centrifugation supernatant
palm anteriorly/forward, foot up or in; face up supination; supine
process of pus forming due to infection suppuration
light tapping or percussion performed with side of hands; relieves congestion tapotement
inflammation of a tendon resulting in pain, tenderness and lack of mobility tendonitis
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