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Grade Savers CH7

Religion Set of beliefs
Monotheism one God
Polytheism more than one God
Animism objects have spirit and conscious
Universalizing religion religious operations on a global scale
Ethnic religion concentrated spatial distribution
Semitic hearth modern day Israel
Indo-Gangetic Hearth Hearth near Indus and Ganges
Branch fundamental division within a religion
Denomination Division of a branch
Sect a relatively small group
Fundamentalism strict adherence to basic principles of a religion
Secularism away from control of religion
Cosmogony origin of the Universe
Interfaith Boundary divides space between two or more religions
Intrafaith Boundary divides spaces amongst different groups
Hierarchical religion central authority exercises a high degree of control
Caste class or distinct hereditary order
Dowry death murder of a bride by her husband's family
Diaspora Scattering of ethnic group
Pagan a follower of polytheistic religion
Missionary helps to diffuse
Shamanism follows its shaman - religious leader
Sacred space people meet to perform religious ceremonies
Pilgrimage Journey to a place
Syncretic religion blending elements
Theocracy government run by religion
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