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Instrument Processing, Use of Autoclave, Ultrasonic, Spore testing

Unwrapped Temp/Time 273 degree/3 minsUse when in a hurry.
Wrapped Temp/Time 273 degree/12 mins.
Packs (always use) Temp/Time 249 degree/30 mins.
Power switch/ Circuit Breaker Rear of unit.
Reservoir fill On top of the autoclave, fill on with distill water to the horizontal bar.
Operation indicator light Visual display, tells when its:Sterilize, Dry, and Ready.
Display window Upper window: PressureLower window: Temp/Time
Mode Selection switch Yellow mode button.
Quick drain connection Inside door their is a gray tube, stick a hose into the gray tube to drain.
Door lock To lock the door, up and then down.
Describe in sequence how to use the autoclave. Turn switch to on, Check water level, Load instruments properly, Check to make sure trays are pushed all the way in before closing the door, Select correct mode, Push start button, Make sure sterilier light comes on & fill indicator shows fill.
Describe when door can be opened and instruments removed. Indicator light shows that it is dry and ready.
Indicate why the clinician should never try to open the door when sterilizer light is on. It is very hot and has a lot of pressure.
How often is the Autoclave cleaned? Every 2 weeks and logged on the bulletin board.
When sterilization is complete what do you check for? Check for color indicator change on tape or bag. (Does not mean instruments are sterile)
When you take the instruments out of the autoclave what do you do? Let air dry paper-side up on clean(right)side.
Infection control protocol followed during process with proper attire and PPE in place. Put on Utility gloves, glasses, and mask.
Sterilization Set-Up (Large Ultrasonic) Check drain in ultrasonic.Place ultrasonic lid on sink(never behind ultrasonic due to electrical outlet).Place 3 pumps of solution in large ultrasonic.Use water sprayer & fill to proper water level (2 inches from the top).
Processing Instruments in the Large Ultrasonic Place contaminated instruments in, Run for 10-16 mins, When finished, raise instruments thoroughly with tap water, Let Cassettes drain in sink to dry and Then autoclave.
How often is the Large Ultrasonic cleaned? Ultrasonic is drained and rinsed clean daily.Open drain lever to drain- orange lever in the back of unit. (parallel-open, perpendicular=close)Leave lid slightly opened to dry.
Preparing Instruments for Sterilization Place on IMS wrap diagonally(butcher wrap style. Put IMS indicator strip in cassette, Wrap and secure with one piece of indicator tape, Write name, date, and #autoclave. Place bagged/wrapped instruments on dirty (left side).
Then Use Autoclave Load and run according to package/materials. No more than 6 cassettes, bags are placed on tray plastic down. Run on packs. When sterilization is complete check for color indicator change on tape or bags.Then let air dry on clean (right)side. Run on packs.
Unloading Autoclave Open door for minimun of 5 mins to let cool off, Unload instruments from autoclave on to the clean area(right side).Place clean instruments in cabinet or put away in appropriate areas- Do not put away until completely dry!
Small Ultrasonic Filled water(tap) only-no instruments.Purpose is to clean patient's partials & dentures, Place partial/denture in ziplock bag add cleaning solution & water, then put edge of bag over side of unit, Run the ultrasonic, Then rinse real good & add water.
How often is the Small Ultrasonic cleaned? Change water once a week.
Chemical Sterilant Chemical liquid that sterilize instuments/objects.Use for plastic, impression trays, etc.
How long does it stay in the Chemical Sterilant before you can take it out? 10 hours, and once something else goes into the solution the time starts all over.
Process of the Chemical Sterilant Put instruments/objects in for 10 hrs.Instruments/objects in chemical sterilant are emptied each morning and drined on a towel linde, clean tray.Clean tray is then moved to the clean side of the sterilization and left to dry.
How often is the Chemical Sterilant changed? Sterilant is changed once a month, container cleaned in process. Log on the bulletin board.
What are you suppose to wiped down at the end of the day? Cabinets and sink with surface disinfective.
What is spore test for? Designed for moniroting steam sterilization.
Reading for the spore test Yellow indicates a sterilization process FAILURE.Purple indicates a negative reading.
Direction for use of the spore test On one of the indicator write 1 & on another write 2(& date), Place indicator in autoclave w/ full load(place in middle of tray), After sterilization check the chemical indicator on the label(rose to brown confirms exposure to steam sterilization process)
How to crush the spore test indicator? Position indicator in metal block at a 45 degree angle, push indicator staight back-this crushes the ampule & activates it (be sure cap remains above the metal bloack when seated), push the indicator down to seat into the metal heating block.
How long does the spore test indicator incubate for? 48 hours
After the spore test indicator is incubated Read for color indication, record finding in notebook on the bulletin board.+ for positive- for negative
Created by: carolammons7