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GSE Unit 5 Test Rev

GSE Unit 5 Test Review

On January 1, 1959 _____________ seized power and declared the island a communist state. All American owned property on the island – as well as all Cuban-owned private businesses, factories, and farmland – was declared the property of the state. Fidel Castro
U.S.-Cuban relations remained tense for the next 50 years. Only recently have diplomatic relations been normalized. The U.S. eased trade restrictions on Cuba in January 2016. Later, ___________ became the first U.S. president to visit Cuba in 88 years. Barack Obama
The leader of Cuba before the successful 1959 Cuban revolution was Fugencio Batista
The Cuban government agreed to allow the U.S.S.R. to build a missile launching complex on the island. This was discovered by U.S. intelligence in 1962, sparking a thirteen-day standoff known as the ______________ . Cuban Missile Crisis
A lasting impact of the Cuban Revolution has been Less political freedom for Cubans
In response to Castro’s repressive takeover, the United States placed an economic ___________ on Cuba, which blocked the island’s sugar exports to American markets. embargo
Mexico has a president who is elected by the people. The powers of the central government are restricted and regional authorities retain a degree of self-government.Which of the following terms BEST describes Mexico's form of government today? Federal Republic
Cuba is an example of a type of government in which a ruler or small group has absolute power and is not restricted by a constitution or laws? dictatorship
Cuba has a type of government in which the ruler has absolute power and is not restricted by a constitution, laws, or the citizens. Name the type of government. dictatorship
All citizens participate equally in which type of government? Democracy
Which type of government would most likely abolish all opposing political parties, the direct election of leaders, and free speech? autocratic
What is a basic way citizens of a democratic nation can influence the government? voting
The government of Brazil has a national government and 26 state governments, each with some reserved powers and shared powers. What type of government would Brazil be classified as? federal
Cuba does not permit freedom of choice in elections and only the Communist Party is permitted. Cuba has a dictatorship in which power is held by one central authority. What type of government would Cuba be classified as? unitary
You are the chief executive in your country’s democratically-elected national government. As the leader of your political party, you were chosen to be the head of government by your co-workers in the legislature. Which form of government do you have? parliamentary
Which best describes how a parliamentary democracy differs from a presidential democracy? The head of the government is a member of the legislature
The leader of the Parliament in countries such as Australia, Canada, and the United Kingdom is called the prime minister
which system of government does the legislature elect the executive leader of the government? parliamentary democracy
The economic system of communist countries is most closely related to which of the following? command
In which economic system does a single authority decide what is produced? command
A market economy is very different from a command economy. Which of the following is found in a market economy? competition
In which economic system are the production and distribution of goods owned by private individuals or corporations? market
In a traditional economic system people usually exchange goods or services rather than use money. Which of the following is an example of this exchange process? bartering with a seller
Which of following best describes a market economy? A person can start any legal business and charge any price.
Which term best describes an economic system in which the people—not the government—own land, factories, and businesses? market
When a country has a market economy, which of these statements correctly defines this system? Companies produce goods of their choice and consumers decide whether to buy the goods.
What 3 economic questions are asked when studying the similarities of a traditional, command and market economy among nations of the world? What to produce, how to produce, and for whom to produce?
All modern world economies can be described as ________ economies in that they combine market and command (as well as traditional elements) principles in various ratios to suit their national interests. mixed
Which of the following explanations would reflect a country with a mixed economy (i.e., between a pure market and pure command)? A combination of privately-owned industry and government control.
Cuba is heavily dependent on agricultural trade and oil subsidies from _______________. Venezuela
The economy of Cuba, meanwhile, is decidedly ____________-leaning. Government ownership of most all major industries is a dominant feature of Cuba’s communist dictatorship, although limited private ownership of small farms and businesses is permitted. command
Brazil’s economy is slightly more _________-leaning than Mexico’s; however, it should be noted that Brazil has been implementing market-oriented reforms over the last decade. command
The economy of Mexico may be described as moderately ________-leaning. Mexico’s government owns the nation’s oil and gas reserves, which is the lifeblood of its energy sector. market
Jose is an auto mechanic in a nearby larger town. He has decided his own small town needs its own car repair shop. Jose bought the building and opened his shop. Jose is an example of Entrepreneur
Why is entrepreneurship important to a country’s economy? Invest in capital goods
A sixth−grade class decides to open a popcorn stand. The stand and the popcorn popper are examples of which factor of production? capital resources
Brazil is building new factories and using newer technology. These are examples of Investment in capital goods
The literacy rate for the region of Latin America is 90%. In the country of Haiti, the literacy rate is 51%. Which statement best reflects these factors of economic growth in Haiti? Haiti’s low investment in human capital lowers the GDP per capita.
What is the purpose of free trade partnerships like the North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA) between the United States, Canada, and Mexico? to increase trade by doing away with tariffs
The North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA) was designed to promote free trade between the United States, Canada, and Mexico
How did the agreement of NAFTA affect Mexico? It eliminated trade barriers with the U.S. and Canada
NAFTA is an example of which pattern of behavior among or between countries? Forming trade agreements
What is the purpose of a tariff, such as a protective tariff? to increase the prices of imported goods and protect a country's own industries from foreign competition
A country's parliament votes to increase tariffs upon goods from another country. This is an example of a representative democracy restricting trade
Which word has the same meaning as the economic term "tariff"? tax
Which trade barrier discourages trade by placing a tax on foreign goods? Tariff
Constructed Response-Directions: Choose one of the following questions to answer. Be sure to give a complete answer with examples and details from the unit. Be sure to write in complete sentences. What lasting impact did the Cuban Revolution have on Cuba and the region?
Constructed Response-Directions: Choose one of the following questions to answer. Be sure to give a complete answer with examples and details from the unit. Be sure to write in complete sentences. How do the trade agreements made between countries in Latin America and the Caribbean (i.e. NAFTA) overcome trade barriers and encourage voluntary trade in the region?
Constructed Response-Directions: Choose one of the following questions to answer. Be sure to give a complete answer with examples and details from the unit. Be sure to write in complete sentences. How does having or not having the 4 factors of production (natural resources, human capital, capital goods, entrepreneurship) affect the countries of Latin America and the Caribbean? (Cuba and Brazil)
Created by: jpkelley