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What lined divided the world between Spain and Portugal? Line of Demarcation
Who drew the Line of Demarcation? the pope
Who asked the pope to draw the Line of Demarcation? King Ferdinand and Queen Isabella
People of pure Spanish decent and were born in America. Creoles
What role did the dormitories play in Brazilian society? their rule was passed down, have total land control
Peninsulares. Spaniards born in Spain who held government positions in American colonies.
What situation spoke out against the ingest treatment of the native population but later participated in oppressive practices? Roman Catholic Church
What region was regarded as the Old World? Europe
What religious reasons motivated the English to colonize North America? they could follow biblical principles, build their own churches
The French king who sent men to find riches in the New World. Jaques Cartier
This type of crop should be sold or traded for supplies. cash crops
This group settled Plymouth, Massachusetts. Pilgrims
The puritans settled this colony. Massachusetts Bay Colony
Which European country had the most colonists in North America by the mid 1700s? United States
What document outlines the pattern of government for the United States? Constitution
What man liberated Venezuela and Columbia Simon Bolivar
What liberator freed Chile from Spanish rule? San Martin
Who became the first emperor of an independent Brazil? And said "Independence or death" Pedro I
What was an important export of colonial South America? sugar
Which country did Portugal rule that was 80x their size? Brazil
How many Africans were enslaved and taken to colonize modern Canada? millions
Which was the first country to colonize modern Canada? France
Spain colonized the ________ regions of South America. western
Where did Cartier discover? St. Lawrence River
Who liberated Ecuador. Antonio Jose de Sucre
Is Ecuador part of the New or Old World? New
viceroy a colonial ruler who represented the king of Spain
mestizos children of Indian and Spanish parents
guachos Argentinean cowboys
Jesuit Catholic order became ______ and ______ _______ in South America. rich established monasteries
Which country brought slaves in Africa and took them to Europe and the New World? Portugal
Which Treaty determined where Spain and Portugal could explore? Treaty of Tordesillas
caudillas south american governments were often thrown by gauchos
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