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CH. 1 HIM 2009


Admitting (Patient Registration) Registers emergency patients, inpatients and outpatients
Nursing Provide 24-hour patient care to inpatients, outpatients and emergency deperatment patients
Medical Staff Serves as liasion between the medical staff members and adminstration. Verifies physician credentials. Coordinates continuing medical education programs.
Human Resources Conducts an orientation program to acclimate new employees to their work environment. Manages the employee benefit program, (e.g. vacation time, health insurance,etc.)
Hospice Care Provides services to patients and families using an interdisciplinary team approcah that includes the attending physician,nurses,social service counslers, home health aides, volunteers, etc.
Health Information Management Services(Medical Records) Maintains complete inpatient, outpatient surgery, & emergency records in a confidental manner. Releases information only with patient's written authorization or with a court order.
Emergency Room Provides crisis care 24 hours per day after triage(organized method of identifying and treating patients according to urgency of care requried)
Bussiness Office Accounting ,Accounts Payable, Patient Accounts, Payroll
Clincical Laboratory Conducts diagnostic tests ordered by physicians on samples of body fluids, body tissues, and body wastes. Information obtained from tests helps physicians diagnose illness, monitor treatment and check gerneral health
Patient Education Helps patients make informed desicions to better manage health care needs
Patient Advocacy Serves as a representative for patients who express commendation or concern about the hospital to uphold care, ethics, moral, and operational standards
Pharmacy Supplies all medications administered to patients during hospitalizations. Pharmacists review physicain medication orders, maintain and review individual patient medication profiles and provide drug information to health care team members
Physical Therapy Uses physical agents of exercise, massage, and other modalities
Preadmission Testing(PAT) Phlebotmists draw blood samples for preoperative testing. Patients visit PAT prior to elective admission(in/outpatient surgery) to register w/ Admitting, undergo preoperative nursing asseessment & recieve preanesthesia evalution by an anesthesiologist.
Social Services Assists patients and families in locating resourcs that are specfic to their health care needs
Safety Management Manages activities to reduce th erisk of injuries. Provide patients, personnel & visitors w/ a physcial environment free of recognized hazards
Risk Management Promotes delivery of quality health care & safety. Identifies & controls hazards & injuries & protects the facility resources
Radiology Provides image-guided procedures for inpatients & outpatients, including-Computerized tomography,Mammography,Magnetic resonance imaging, Ultrasonography,Radiography,Positron emission tomography(PET),Nuclear medicine
Purchasing Procures equipment, products & services. Rents & leases equipment. Issues documents, (e.g. purchase orders), that commit facility funds for future purchase of products & services
Speech and Language Pathology(S.L.A.P) Evalutes,diagnoses,plans,& provides therapy to patients w/ speech,language & swallowing diffculites. Utilzes speech technologies to improve communication skills
Telemedicine Connects practitoners & patients through on-line consulation w/ specialists, live & interactive clincial & educational programs, & custom or Interent-based video streaming
Utilization Management Reviews &/or recommends admission for all levels of care. Works w/ case managers from insurance compaines to determine whether an transfers to lower levels of care
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