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Spartans-Greek War

Spartan culture, weapons, leaders

Sparta City-state in ancient Greece known for its warrior culture.
Leonidas King who led the 300 at Thermopylae
Phalanx an ancient Greek and Macedonian rectangular battle formation of hoplites (heavily armed soldiers) presenting long spears from behind a wall of overlapping shields.
Hoplon Heavy bronze circular shield about 3 feet wude
Dory 8 foot long bronze spear with a bronze butt end
Xiphos double-edged short sword used in close quarter combat.
Helot a slave in Sparta
lamillar protective armor made of layers of strips of linen, leather and bronze
Thermopylae Legendary battle where 300 vastly outnumbered Spartans sacrificed themselves holding off invading Persian forces, The name means "hot gates".
Xerxes king of the Persian Empire who invaded Greece
Immortals Elite Persian troops
Peloponnesian War (431–404 BC) was an ancient Greek conflict fought by the Delian League led by Athens against Sparta and its allies. Athens eventually lost.
Hoplite a heavily armed Greek warrior
Themistocles Brilliant general who led the Athenian navy against the Persians at the Artemisium Strait and later Salamis.
trireme Greek warship with a bronze ram and three decks of oarsmen
Marathon Famous battle 26 miles east of Athens which was a Greek victory over massive Persian forces of King Darius.
Nike Greek word for victory
Sirisa 18-ft long spear used in the Macedonian phalanx
Athens City-state known for its powerful navy
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