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Chapter 7,8,9

social studies review

What elements make up topography? Physical features of the shape of the land. (mountains, rivers, and valleys)
What is the most important physical feature in Ancient Egypt? Nile River
Why was the desert important to the Egyptians? It was a natural barrier against invaders.
Where did the Kushites settle? South of Egypt
The flooding of the Nile River provided _____ that was good for farming. Healthy soil
Mediterranean Sea provided.... transportation and fertile grounds for farming
Nile River provided... long fertile valley, healthy soil, fresh water
Deserts provided... A natural barrier against invaders
Red Sea provided... water for fertilization
Jordan River provided... hunting, fishing and farming.
Sea Galilee provided... plentiful fish, and lots of fertilization.
Which kingdom was known for reunification? The Middle Kingdom.
What is a pharaoh? A King
In order to be excepted, Khufu told the people he was... A god.
What architectural achievement did we visit when Senusret was ruling? White Chapel
Which ruler made the first peace treaty ever with the Hittites? Ramsees the second
Under which ruler was trade highly encouraged? Hatshepsut
Put the pharaohs in order of their rule.(earliest to latest) Kufu, Senusret, Hatshepshut, Ramees the second
What pharaohs greatest accomplishment was building religious structures? Kufu
Which pharaoh was the first female pharaoh? Hatshepsut
Which pharaoh was noted for his/her military leadership? Ramsees the second
Put the social classes in order from the top to bottom. pharaoh, government official, priest, scribes, artisan, peasent
Why is Egypt's social pyramid a perfect shape for this society? Because it is shaped like a pyramid. Egypt is known for their pyramids.
Why did the Egyptians believe their social classes were a good idea? because it created a well ordered society
Why did it take a long time to become a scribe? Because you had to go to school and you had to learn over 700 symbols of hyroglifics
Did women have any rights in the Egyptian society? Yes they did have rights.
Who kept the official records for the pharaoh? Government officials
If peasants had an extra grain what were they allowed to do with it? They were allowed to keep it for themselves for food.
How were artisans treated? They were treated like a common laborer, barley got any respect.
Pyramid traingular shaped structure
Nomad person that doesn't have a permanent home
Visor high ranking government official
Sarcophagus large stone coffin
Embalm to treat a dead body
Alliance an agreement to unify
Hieroglyph symbol that stands for a letter
Delta an area of sediment deposited at the end of a river
Peasent lowest class on the social pyramid
Artisan crafts person in the lower class
Papyrus water plant
Famine severe food shortage
Topography physical features of an area that makes up the shape of it
Vegetation plants of a place or region
Important structure of the Old Kingdom: Great Pyramid of Giza
Important structure of the Middle Kingdom: White Chapel
Important structure of the New Kingdom: Abu Simbel temple
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