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Chapter 6

BJU textbook

New Rome Formally dedicated new capital for the Roman Empire by Constantine
What was New Rome commonly known as? Constantine's City
Justinian Was the ruler of the first great period of Byzantine history and culture
Theodora Justinian's powerful wife
Nika Revolt The riot in which many people cried "Nika!" threatening to outrun Justinian
Meaning of Nika? Conquer
Justinian Code A systematic arrangement of laws that clarified Roman legal principals.
Hagia Sophia Finest example of Byzantine Architecture
Meaning of Hagia Sophia? Holy Wisdom
Excommunicated Depriving an individual of the sacraments and excluding him from the fellowship of the church
Icons Painted images of Christ and the saints which some believed to be idolatrous
Who was known as the "Bulgar Slayer"? Basil II
Seljuk Turks Turks who adopted the Islamic religion and Arab culture
Battle of Manzikurt The Seljuk Turks won over the Byzantines and since then the Asia Minor has remained under control of the Turks.
Crusades Military expeditions
1453 The year he Byzantine Empire finally came to an end
Ottoman Turks A new wave of Muslim invaders, caused the end of the Byzantine Empire.
Cyril and Methodius Byzantine missionaries, developed a language for the Slavic tribes.
Slavs The largest group in Russia
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