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Test 2-China

Middle Age Era

What was the 5th dynasty after the Han dynasty in Chinese history? The Sui Dynasty
Who was the emperor of the Sui dynasty? Emperor Wen
For how long did the Sui dynasty lasted in Chinese history? 37 years
Why did the Sui dynasty ended early in Chinese history? Emperor Wen’s high taxes and forced labor caused the Sui Dynasty to fall early.
What was the next dynasty after the Sui dynasty? The Tang Dynasty
The Tang Dynasty was under the leadership of a woman, who was she? Empress Wu Hou (Wu Zhou)
What did Wu Hou (Wu Zhou) do that made the Tang dynasty so effective during her reign? She had a new bureaucracy system set to run the government.
Why did the Tang dynasty ended? Revolts caused by military and local leaders of the Tang dynasty.
For how long did Wu Hou (Wu Zhao) fought corruption in the Tang dynasty? 50 years
What was the next dynasty after the Tang dynasty? The Song Dynasty
How long did the Song dynasty lasted in China? 319 years
What new metal was effective in farming, construction, weapons, and armor during the Song dynasty? Iron
What was the next dynasty after the Song dynasty? The Mongol Dynasty
How long did the Mongol dynasty lasted in China? 89 years
Who was the leader of the Mongol dynasty in China? Genghis Khan
Who was the grandson of Genghis Khan that conquered lower China and change the name of the Mongol Dynasty? Kublai Khan
What new name was given to the Mongol Dynasty? The Yuan Dynasty
What was the next dynasty after the Mongol dynasty? The Ming Dynasty
What Chinese palace was created for the Emperor and his government officials only, during the Ming Dynasty? The Forbidden City
The early Chinese used what device to help them travel the seas and it always pointed north? compass
How did the invention of paper support Chinese learning? Paper was inexpensive and made made books available to more people
The geography of China created what in the region? many separate regions
What type of government controlled China with the beginning of the 21st century B.C.? dynasties
Why was the Silk Road an important trade route? China and Europe exchanged goods and resources found only in certain areas
As a result of hired government officials, Confucius believed government officials should be hired by what? the people earning their jobs through education
Created by: vacosta