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Term and questionDefinition & Answer
Wrote "The Prince" Machiavelli
What play best personifies individualism Romeo and Juliet
"Ends justify the means) Machiavelli
Where were Shakespeare's plays performed? The Globe
Art technique that provided art depth perspective
This person re-wrote the Bible Erasmus
This family were well known patrons Medici Family
Which one of these does not fit when talking about humanism/humanities religion
Painted the Mona Lisa Leonardo da Vinci
Established the Anglican church because he could not get a divorce Henry VIII (8th)
Painted the Sistine Chapel Michelangelo
Paid for basilica through indulgences Pope Julius II
Taught that God had a determined path before birth John Calvin
Invented the printing press Gutanburg
Purposed the sun universe theory Copernicus
expanded on the sun universe theory Kepler
Catherine of Aragon's daughter Mary Tudor
Galileo proved that... Jupiter had 4 moons
Wrote the 95 theses Martin Luther
What religion did Martin Luther start Lutheran/protestant
Henry VIII (8th) wanted to cancel his marriage annulment
Explain three reasons why the Renaissance began in Italy Italy was was in the center of ancient Rome and people had to walk past the amazing architecture. The Renaissance would not have started without all the wealth in Italy. Patrons had the time and money to learn. Italy a good trade spot, close to places
Renaissance a “re-awakening of culture, STEM, art, and Religion” from 1300-1700 (IN EUROPE)
Florence a city in Italy that saw massive growth during the Renaissance
Humanism The focus during Renaissance switched to Humanist ideas which are fact over faith and the needs of humans
Individualism during the Renaissance there was a shift in focus, society and individuals began to focus on wants and needs of the individual
Patron a person(s) that donates money to a cause, during the Renaissance patrons paid to “beautify”
The printing press this invention was arguably the most influential in the history of mankind. Made the mass production of printed material possible.
Medici the bankroll behind the Italian Renaissance, this was the wealthiest family in all of Florence, made their wealth trading
Martin Luther A German Theologian that question the Catholic Church, specifically Papal Rule and indulgences
95 thesis a series of 95 complaints as written by Martin Luther, Luther nailed the complaints to the door at Wittenburg Church starting the Protestant Reformation.
Indulgences acts one can perform to limit their time in purgatory, prior to the Protestant Reformation it was believed you could pay for indulgences
Calvinist faith John Calvin was the founder of the Calvinist faith, Geneva, switzerland was a city based off the faith.
Henry VIII was original called “defender of the Faith” for his work and support of the Catholic Church. However, he had a falling out when he was not granted annulment (to cancel) from his marriage. So he created the Anglican church of England
Michelangelo one of the most acclaimed artists during the Renaissance, some of his works include, a marble sculpture of David, the painting of the Sistine Chapel, and a renowned architect in his own right, he designed St. Peters Basilic
Leonardo da Vinci painted the Last Supper and Mona lisa - architect, musician, engineer, scientist, and inventor, sketched the first helicopter
Raphael famous painter in the 1500’s most known for paintings of Madonna
Donatello most famous sculpture, arguably ever, best for his bronze of David and or wood carving of Mary Magdalene.
Sistine chapel the church in which Michelangelo painted the ceiling with creation of man
Copernicus Wrote “On the revolutions of heavenly spheres,” which appeared in 1543 this theorized Heliocentric. He also created a model of planets which supported this theory
Calvinism John Calvin also founded - Calvinism is based off the belief of predestination
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