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Sacraments - Ch. 9

The Sacrament of Holy Matrimony

divorce The ending of a civil marriage contract
polygamy Being married to two or more people at the same time. It is contrary to conjugal love, which is undivided and exclusive.
adultery Infidelity in marriage whereby a married person has sexual intercourse with someone who is not the person's spouse.
declaration of nullity The Church's declaration that a particular marriage - whether presumed as a sacramental bond or simply a natural bond - was never valid.
free union The situation whereby a man and woman live together but without marriage
nuptial blessing Latin-derived term meaning "wedding" and it sanctifies the marriage covenant of the bride and groom, taking place after the couple gives their consent to be married
marriage consent The promises made by the bride and groom to honor one another and to be faithful in good times and in bad, in sickness and in health throughout their lives. The couple establishes a permanent covenant in love through these promises.
fidelity An attribute of God that describes his eternal faithfulness to his promises
domestic church A term for the family, the Church in miniature
parochial school A private school sponsored by a parish whose mission is to educate children in the Faith
abortion The direct and deliberate ending of a pregnancy by killing the unborn child. When willed either as a means or an end, it gravely contradicts moral law.
contraception Any artificial means (e.g. pills, condoms, diaphragms, surgeries) that deliberately & directly results in rejecting both aims of sexual intercourse - procreative (the sharing of life) and unitive (the total self-giving of the couple to one another).
sterilization Any surgical procedure that prevents conception. Doing so deliberately is contrary to one of the characteristics of sacramental marriage: openness to children
Natural Family Planning A Church-approved method for regulating births in a marriage that is in accord with God's will practiced through natural means of monitoring fertile and infertile periods as well as the woman's cervical mucus to plan or postpone a pregnancy
mixed marriage A marriage between a Catholic and baptized non-Catholic, which first needs the "express permission of Church authorities"
disparity of cult A marriage between a Catholic and non-Christian, which first needs the express dispensation from Church authorities
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