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Early Culture

Question Format

The time before there was writing is called ? Prehistory
What does ancestor mean? A relative who lived in the past.
What is a hominid? An early ancestor of humans.
What do we call any handheld object that has been modified to help a person accomplish a task? A tool.
What is an example of a tool used in the Paleolithic Era? Stone
What is the Paleolithic Era? It is the Old Stone Age.
Why were people able to move and migrate to new places? They eventually learned how to control and create fire.
What continent did all hominids come from? Africa.
What was the name of the first human made shelters that were in the ground and covered with roofs of branches and leaves? A pit house.
What do we call a community of people who share a common culture? Society
Who are hunter-gatherers? People who hunt animals and gather wild plants, seeds, fruits, and nuts to survive.
What does migrate mean? To move to a new place.
What are the freezing times known as? The ice ages.
What is a land bridge? A strip of land connecting two continents.
What is the Middle Stone Age called? The Mesolithic Era.
What were some new tools used during the Mesolithic Era? Bone, hooks, fishing spears, bow and arrow.
Who was Lucy? Lucy was an early hominid that lived more than 3 million years ago and walked on two legs.
What does Australopithecus mean? Southern Ape.
What does Homo Habilis mean? Handy man.
What does Homo Erectus mean? Upright man
What does Homo Sapiens mean? Wise man
What did Homo Sapiens develop? They developed language.
Who was the first group of hominids to create fire? Homo Sapiens
Who was the first group of hominids to control fire? Homo Erectus
Where were the first hominids from and the oldest tools found? Tanzania, Africa
What is a mineral that is easy to shape and was used to make very sharp tools? Flint
What is the Neolithic Era? The New Stone Age
What does domestication mean? It is the process of changing plants or animals to make them more useful to humans.
What does agriculture mean? Farming
What are megaliths? Megaliths are huge stones used as monuments or as the sites for religious gatherings.
Created by: TMoar