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Rel200 Ch.8 (Judiasm

Jewish history begins with stories recounted in the Hebrew Bible, or ... Tanakh.
For thirty days before Rosh Hashanah, each morning synagogue service begins with ... the blowing of the shofar.
Non-Jewish peoples may be referred to as ... Gentiles.
While under oppressive rule, some Jews believed their oppression would end when a(n)... Messiah came to establish a peaceful reign.
A Jewish meeting place is called a ... synagogue.
The Pentateuch refers to the ... five books of Moses.
The covenant is a ... contract between God and God’s people.
If you were to attend temple on Friday night and meet a gay couple that had been married in the synagogue the previous week, you would most likely in a synagogue with a ... Reconstructionist and Reform congregation.
The Jewish holy day of atonement and cleansing is called... Yom Kippur.
Modern Israel became an independent Jewish state in what year? 1948
About how many European Jews were killed by Germany’s Nazi leadership in the Holocaust? six million
The Sabbath begins at sunset on ... Friday night.
When eight years old, to honor the seal of God’s commandment to Abraham, boys are circumcised in the ritual ceremony known as... brit milah.
The prayer that Jews pray when rising up and going to sleep is also to be placed at their doorposts and placed in a case after being written on a piece of paper known as a ... mezuzah.
In 1947, there was an important archeological discovery made by a bedouin in the desert that finding ancient scrolls of the Hebrew Bible stored in clay jars now known as the... Dead Sea Scrolls.
The two central stories in the Hebrew Bible or pillars upon which all of the other stories in the Hebrew Bible rest are... Creation and Exodus.
Dr. Mertz spoke about the story of Creation found in the Book of Genesis and said that the point of that story is ... radical equality.
The story about Moses’ encounter with God who asks him to go into Egypt to ask Pharaoh to let God’s people go is found in the Book of ... Exodus.
When this story is retold Jews believe that they are taking part the in events of long ago. This event then and a major feast now celebrated by Jewish people is known as the... Passover.
The point of this second major story in the Jewish scriptures is God’s desire that all humans have... freedom.
Created by: jennahamilton
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