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Egypt Lalanne

July, August, September, October The flood comes during which four months of the year?
Ramses II Which pharaoh built Abu Simbel?
agriculture What is the practice of growing crops and taming animals?
domestication What is taming animals?
Fertile Crescent What is the region that bends from Egypt through the Middle East to Mesopotamia, is shaped like a croissant, and has very fertile soil due to frequent flooding?
scribe What was the name for someone who wrote things down for a living?
polytheism What is the belief in many gods?
irrigation What is the system of levees and canals used to divert water to crops called?
afterlife a life that some people believe exists after death
delta the end of a river where it goes into the sea and forms a triangular marshy region
Menes / Narmer Which pharaoh united Upper Egypt and Lower Egypt?
Hatshepsut Which pharaoh was the first female ruler?
hieroglyphics What was the formal and religious system of writing called in ancient Egypt?
papyrus Which plant grew by the river and was used to make many things such as paper for writing?
from the south to the north Which way does the Nile river flow?
mummies people who could afford it had their bodies preserved so that they could make the journey through the afterlife
pyramids these were tombs where the pharaohs were buried
Upper Egypt the region of Egypt to the south
Lower Egypt the region of Egypt to the north, including the delta
King Tut He was a boy when he ruled Egypt and died at an early age. His tomb contained many artifacts because it didn't get robbed as much as other tombs.
pharaoh the king or leader of ancient Egypt, was also considered one of the gods
from north to the south Which way does the wind blow most of the time in Egypt?
silt sand, soil, mud, and other organic material that is carried down a river and settles on the flood plains after the flood goes away
flood plain the plains or fields right next to the river that become flooded during the flood season
Giza the city where the biggest pyramids are
cataract a large waterfall
Kush or Nubia a civilization to the south of Egypt that had a lot of gold
hieratic script a cursive writing system used for everyday things in ancient Egypt
Created by: welalann