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How can the lives of the Saints help us? Saints are models for us. The Saints show us that it is possible to live by Jesus' words. They also show us that God is real and that the strength and grasce he gives us is real, too.
Venerable _____ means that a saint is a role model of Catholic virtues.
Who are the Saints? Saints are holy people who put God and his will first in their lives, they listen to God and let him work through them. They are models for us.
All Saint's Day November 1st, Catholics celebrate a day to honor all of the Church's saints - both known and unknown. We honor all those we formally know as saints and those we meet every day who are living examples of Christian lives.
What does it mean to put God first in our lives? Nothing else in the lives of holy people can even come close to competing with God - not money, fame, or even physical comfort.
All Soul's Day November 2nd, the Church celebrates a remembrance of all the faithful departed.
Your role in the Communion of Saints Pray for your friends and family, both alive and dead, and learn from their lives. These everyday saints can teach us about holiness.
Do Catholics worship idols? NO! Paintings or statues of saints serve as visual reminders for us to emulate the saints in our own lives, but we do not worship or adore the saints.
martyr A ____ is someone who dies for their faith.
What do Saints do? Saints listen to God and let him work through them. They try to see people as God sees them.
Did the saints have struggles? Yes, many holy people wrestled with temptations and sin - and overcame it by their faith.
Beatification _____ means that a person is responsible for a miracle. Martyrs, those who died for ther faith, can be beatified without evidence of a miracle.
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