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7th-2017-Chapter 7

Which group of North America Indians migrated? Plains Indians
List two reasons why Indians built mounds. graves/temple
Which Indian civilization punished adultery by stoning? the Aztecs
Who owned the Incan Empire? the Inca (ruler)
List and briefly describe three motives for European exploration. economic-trade/social-adventure/political-travel
List ans briefly describe two navigational improvements that made exploration. compass-allowed to set a course and follow it/astrolabe-determomine the time
What Portuguese prince prepared his sailors of exploration? Prince Henry
Name the first Portuguese explorer to land in India. Vasco de Gama
What European country was the first to establish trade with Japan and China? Portugal
Who was the ruler of the Aztecs when the Spanish conquistadors arrived? Montezuma
What was China's response to European exploration? the allowed trade but restricted it
What Roman Catholic friar traveled to the Americas as a missionary to the Indians? Bartolome de Las Casas
Why did many Indians convert to the Roman Catholic Church? the Roman Church became a protecter
Describe the impact of the introduction of horses and pigs to the Americas? horses made carrying loads easier/pigs ate crops
What impact did human borne disease have on the Indians population? killed large numbers
The ancient name for Thailand. Siam
Stoned people for adultery. Aztecs
The first explorer to find a way around the tip of Africa. Dias
Atahualpa ruled over which empire before the Spanish arrived? Mayan
The capital of the Aztec Empire. Tenochtitla┬┤n
Pizarro conquered the Incan Empire
Sir Drake's financier of his expeditions. Queen Elizabeth
Who developed a great trade with Indians? Portuguese
Quetzalcoatl the Aztecs expected this god to return
pueblos Southwest Indians' homes
Francis Xavier traveled to Japan as a missionary
Iroquois Confederacy is located in modern day. New York
Great Plains the American Indians that migrated with the herds that didn't have permanent homes
Magellan gave the Pacific Ocean its name
compass used to find a path and keep on it
Spain and Portugal are located Atlantic Ocean
The Roman Catholic Church the institution that helped protects the Indians from Spanish conquistadors
Cape of good hope southern tip of africa
Incan empire suffered from a plague before the Spanish arrived
Created by: bloomingstars14