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Ancient China

Dynasty A line of rulers from one family
Aristocrat A member of an upper class of society, usually made up of hereditary nobility
Pictograph A symbol in a writing system based on pictures
Ideograph A symbol in a writing system that represents a thing or idea
Bureaucracy A group of non-elected government officials
Mandate A territory that was not officially controlled by the League of Nations but is governed by a member nation
Dao Chinese system of beliefs which describes the way a person must rule
Social class A group of people who are at a similar cultural, economic, or educational level
Filial Piety The responsibility of children to respect, obey, and care for their parents
Confucianism A system of beliefs based on the teachings of Confucius
Daoism A Chinese system of beliefs which describes the way a person must rule
Legalism A Chinese philosophy that stressed the importance of laws
Acupuncture Originally, a Chinese practice of inserting fine needles through the skin at specific points to treat disease or relieve pain
Huang He Valley Site of the first Chinese civilization
Oracle bones First examples of written Chinese language.
Gobi A vast, cold, rocky desert; east of Kunlun Shan and Tian Shan mountains.
Shang Dynasty Ruled over the Huang He River.
Huang He River Flows from Mongolia to the pacific ocean
Confucianism Taught that if each person does their duty society as a whole will do well.
Daoism Promoted a peaceful society.
Hanfeizi Thought that humans were naturally evil
Legalism Taught that people needed harsh laws and punishment to make them live rightly.
Final Piety Taught that people needed harsh laws and punishment to make them live rightly.
Confucius Taught that people needed harsh laws and punishment to make them live rightly.
Qin dynasty achievement Canal from the Chang Jiang River to Guangzhou to supply troops.
Han Gaozu One of the best minds to work in government. Drove the Xiongnu back into the Gobi. Stopped many harsh Qin practices
Buddhism Helped people deal with fear and stress of an unstable government.
Silk road A network of trade routes that extended from China to southwest Asia
Great Wall Qin built and extended it to keep out the Xiongnu.
Censor Made sure that government officials did their jobs
Qin Used a large cavalry force to conquer their neighbor and create a new dynasty
Bronze casting What is the best known Shang art form
The Mandate of Heaven What principle did the Shang dynasty claim gave them the right to rule
Saddles and stirrups What Chinese invention allowed soldiers to fight on horseback
The period of warring states What was the period of violence called that made people look for ways to restore order
High priced goods such as silk, tea, spices, and porcelain What was sent out on the Silk Road from China
Roman Zhang Qian went to explore west of China. He brought back stories of the ----- Empire
Acupuncture Is an example of Chinese medicine. Notes: Wu Wang led a rebellion against the Shang Dynasty If a king was bad, the people could overthrow him.
Aqueduct A bridge like structure that carries a water conduit or canal across a valley or over a river
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