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Phlebotomy key terms

Antecubital space Inside the elbow
Anticoagulant Blood collection tube additive used because it prevents clotting
Blood cultures Specimen drawn to culture the blood for pathogens
Butterfly Winged infusion set
Evacuated tube Tubes that fill with a predetermined volume of blood because of the vacuum inside the tube
Fasting The patient must eat nothing after midnight until the blood specimen is drawn
Gel separator Forms a physical barrier between the cellular portion of a specimen and the serum or plasma portion after specimen has been configured
Hematocrit Packed red blood cell volume
Hematoma Formation caused by blood leaking into the tissue during or after venipuncture
Hemochromatosis Disorder that increases the amount of iron in the blood to dangerous levels
Hemoconcentration Condition that causes an elevated hematocrit
Hemolysis Rupturing of red blood cells causing release of intracellular contents into the plasma
Luer adapter Needle holder
Lymphedema Lymphatic obstruction
Multisample needle System that facilitates collecting multiple tubes with a single venipuncture
Order of draw Tube filling sequence for both collection of evacuated tubes and filling evacuated tubes from a syringe
Peak level Highest serum level of a drug in a patient based on a dosing schedule, usually measured 60 mins after end of infusion
Polycythemia vera Disease of having to many red blood cells, abnormally high hematocrit
Thrombosed Veins that have been injured, lack resilience and roll easily
Through level Drug level drawn immediately prior to a dose
Venipuncture Process of puncturing a vein with a needle for the purpose of obtaining blood also known as a phlebotomy procedure
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