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WH Wynn U8 Review

Age of Exploration

Ferdinand Magellan originally came from what country? Portugal
What 3 things helped the Spanish conquer the Americas? weapons, disease, Indian allies
A person who makes maps is called a... cartographer
A leader of the Spanish conquests of the Americas was called a... conquistador
In Spanish colonial America, a person born in Spain was called a... peninsulare
An American born descendant of Spanish settlers was called a... creole
A person of Native American and European ancestry was called a.. mestizo
Money taken in through taxes is called... revenue
A form of economics where the means of production are privately owned and operated for a profit is called... capitalism
This term describes a policy where a nation sought to export more than it imported to build up its supply of gold and silver. mercantilism
A tax on imported goods is called a... tariff
Who was the first person to circumnavigate the globe? Ferdinand Magellan
This explorer sailed around the Cape of Good Hope, finding a trade route to the Indian Ocean making Asian trade from Europe possible by sea. Vasco da Gama
The system in which Spanish monarchs granted conquistadors the right to demand labor from Native Americans was called the... encomienda system
The exchange of plants, animals, people, and diseases between the old and new worlds was called the... Columbian Exchange
In Spanish colonial society, social rank was based on a person's... ethnic background
How did Spanish colonization affect/impact Native Americans? Tens of thousands died from disease, war, and forced labor.
Spanish colonization of the Americas meant much of the world was connected by... sea routes
Why did the colonies of New France grow slowly? It was difficult to farm in the Canadian climate.
How did European exploration & expansion cause the African slave trade to expand? Traders shipped enslaved Africans to work on plantations in the European American colonies.
According to the policy of mercantilism, how did colonies benefit the parent European country? Colonies sent raw materials to the parent country & bought the parent country's manufactured goods.
One economic development of the Commercial Revolution of the 1500s was that as more money, gold, and silver became available, _________ rose. prices
What was the leading cause of the high death rate of enslaved Africans during the Middle Passage? Diseases such as smallpox and dysentery
What were the causes of European exploration from the 1400s to the 1600s? -a desire to spread Christianity -the drive to explore -to compete with other European countries -to get direct access to the Asian spice trade
What position did African leaders take concerning the slave trade? some leaders tried to end the slave trade while others encouraged it
Created by: Ms.Wynn