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Chapter 9/10 Vocab

Cotton Gin the machine Eli Whitney created that transformed the production of cotton
Steamship Engine an invention that decreased travelling time, created by Robert Fulton
Samuel Slater the inventor of the first successful water-powered textile mill
Universal Manhood Suffrage voting rights for all white males
Railroads a new mode of transportation
Artisans skilled, experienced craft workers
The Working Class men, women, and even children that went to work n factories to supplement the family's income
Middle Class artisans and small business owners that focused n hard work and education to establish the middle class
Industrial Elites very wealthy merchants that invested their money into the leading industrial business
Cumberland road a national highway that provided a route from Maryland to Illinois
Whigs a political party that was created after Jackson vetoed the Second Bank
John Quincy Adams ran against Jackson in the 1824 election and created the American System
Nullification the voiding of unwelcome federal laws
Putting-Out System hired farming families that performed specific tasks in he production of goods for set wage
Boston Associates wealthy investors that established the first factories in America
Fancis Cabot Lowell created the first factory in America and focused on the Lowell System to operate them
The Panic of 1819 the first major economic crisis in the United States, due to increasingly large Atlantic economy
Tyranny of the Majority an idea brought on by Tocqueville
Indian Removal Act five civilized tribes had to move out (Trail of Tears)
Andrew Jackson was praised because of his military accomplishments
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