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New Testament

Bible Test

Samaritans Inhabited Israel during the exile; hated by the Jews
Sadducees Greek-influenced high priests that rejected the resurrection and only believe in the Pentateuch
Pharisees Legalistic group that separated themselves from anything unholy; obsessed about the law to avoid an exile again
Essenes Purist group that isolated themselves and made their own community and washed daily to be clean for the Messiah
Zealots Radical Jews that wanted to rebel against whatever foreign power was ruling over
Sanhedrin The Jewish Supreme Court
Matthew; Author A Jewish tax-collector, apostle
Matthew; Audience Jews and Jewish converts that were knowledgeable about the OT
Matthew; Themes Kingdom of God, Jesus as Messiah, Jesus as the Son of God
Mark; Author Disciple of Peter, wrote gospel based off of Peter's memories
Mark; Audience Gentiles and Romans
Mark; Themes Miracles of Jesus; Jesus as the suffering servant of God
Luke; Author A gentile physician,historian; wrote Gospel based off of eyewitnesses
Luke; Audience Theopholus
Luke; Themes Salvation for all; Jesus seeking and saving the lost
John; Author A disciple of Jesus
John; Audience Unbelievers
John; Themes Deity of Jesus, eternal life
Created by: FalconRay