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Ch 1-Word Structure

The Language of Medicine 11th Edition

Prefix Word Beginnings
Suffix Word Endings
Root The Foundation of a word
Combining Vowel A letter linking a suffix and a root, or linking two roots, in a term
Combining Forms The combination of a root and a combining vowel
Cardi/o Heart
Aden/o Gland
Bi/o Life
Cerebr/o Cerebrum (Largest part of the Brain)
Arthr/o Joint
Carcin/o Cancer
Cyst/o Urinary Bladder
Cyt/o Cell
Derm/o or Dermat/o Skin
Encephal/o Brain
Arthr/o Joint
Cephal/o Head
Electr/o Electricity
-oma Tumor
-al Pertaining to
-ac Pertaining to
-itis Inflammation
-logy Process of Study
-scopy Visually Examining
-ic Pertaining to
-gram Record
-opsy Process of viewing
cerebr/al Pertaining to the largest part of the brain
bi/opsy Viewing living tissue
ader/itis Inflammation of a gland
cephal/ic Pertaining to the head (head first delivery)
carcin/oma Cancerous tumor
cyst/o/scopy Process of viewing the bladder
electr/o/cardi/o/gram a record of electricity in the brain
derma/titis inflammation of the skin
arthr/o/scopy viewing of the joint
cyt/o/logy the study of cells
erythr/o red
enter/o intestines
gastr/o Stomach
gnos/o knowledge
hemat/o Blood
cis/o to cut
nephr/o Kidney
leuk/o white
iatr/o treatment
hepat/o Liver
neur/o Nerve
genec/o Woman/Female
Leukocyte White Blood Cell
Gastritis Inflammation of the Stomach
iatrogenic Pertaining to being produced by treatment
Nephrology Study of Kidneys
erythrocyte red blood cell
Hematoma mass of blood
biopsy process of viewing living tissue (using a microscope)
neuralgia Pain of nerves
opthalmoscopy process of visual examination of the eye
enteritis inflammation of the small intestine
ren/o Kidney
path/o disease
opthalm/o eye
sect/o to cut
rhin/o nose
sarc/o flesh
psych/o mind
ur/o Urinary Tract
oste/o Bone
radi/o x-rays
thromb/o clotting
onc/o tumor
Ophthalmoscopy Process of visual examination of the eye
Ophthalmoscope Instrument to visually examine the eye
Oncology Study of tumors
Osteitis Inflammation of Bone
Psychosis Abnormal condition of the Mind
Thrombocyte Clotting Cell (Platelet)
renal pertaining to the kidney
nephrectomy removal (excision or resection)of the Kidney
Osteotomy Incision of (process of cutting into) a bone
resection process of cutting back (in the sense of cutting out or removal)
Carcinogenic Pertaining to producing cancer
Sarcoma Tumor of the Flesh (cancerous tumor of the flesh tissue such as bone, fact, and muscle)
-algia Pain
-ion process
-emia blood condition
-gram record
-scope instrument to visually examine
-osis Condition, usually abnormal
-ectomy excision, removal (resection)
-genic pertaining to producing, produced by, or produced in
-pathy disease condition
-tomy process of cutting, incision
-itis inflammation
-cyte cell
-globin protien
Carcinogenic When Paul smoked cigarettes, he inhaled a _____ substance with each puff.
leukocytosis Sally's doctor ordered a white blood cell count, the result showed a slight increase in normal cells, a condition called ____
Hepatoma (Hepatocellular Carcinoma) Mr. Smith's liver biopsy revealed a malignant tumor, or ______
Arthralgia Mrs. Rose had pain in her hip joints, knees, and shoulders. She was diagnosed with painful joints, or _____
endocrine Dr. Black was trained to treat disorders of the pancreas, thyroid gland, adrenal glands, and pituitary glands. He was an expert in ___ glands.
Cystitis Ms. Walsh had pain when urinating, after the tests, the doctor's diagnosis was inflammation of the urinary bladder, or _____.
Hematoma David was hit in the thigh, producing a large _____. His skin looked bruised and the affected area was tender.
leukemia Mr. Bell's white blood cell count was high, and examination of his blood shows cancerous white blood cells, his diagnosis is _____.
iatrogenic After being resuscitated in the ER, Mr. Kay suffered a broken rib as a result of chest compressions, this is an example of a/an ____ fracture.
encephalopathy Professional Football players are at increased risk of concussions and head trauma- a condition called CTE, or Chronic Traumatic _______.
dia- Complete, through
pro- before
aut- auto- self, own
a- an- no, not, without
hyper- excessive, above, more than normal
hypo- deficient, below, less than normal
epi- above, upon
endo- within
retro- behind
trans- across, through
peri- surrounding
ex- exo- out
sub- below, under
re- back
diagnosis complete knowledge; a decision about the nature of the patient's condition after appropriate testing.
prognosis before knowledge; a prediction about the outcome of treatment, given after diagnosis
subhepatic pertaining to below the liver. A combining vowel is not needed between the prefix and the root.
pericardium the membrane surrounding the heart
hyperglycemia condition of excessive sugar in the blood
hypodermic pertaining to under the skin
epigastric pertaining to above the stomach
hypoglycemia condition of deficient (low) sugar in the blood
anemia condition of low number of erythrocytes (red blood cells) or deficient hemoglobin in these cells.
Urology Study of the Urinary Tract
gynecology Study of women and women's diseases
hematology Study of blood
oncology study of tumors
nephrology study of kidneys
neurology study of nerves
pediatrics treatment of children
radiology study of x-rays and diagnostic imaging
ophthalmology study of the eyes
gastroenterology study of the stomach and intestines
endocrinology study of glands that secrete hormones
psychiatry treatment of the mind
pathology study of disease
cardiology study of the heard
biopsy The _____ sample was removed during surgery and sent to a pathologist to be examined under a microscope for proper diagnosis.
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