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Calcutt India

Vocabulary for India Unit

subcontinent a large landmass that is smaller than a continent, such as India
monsoon a seasonal wind pattern that causes wet and dry seasons
subsistence farming farming in which only enough food is grown that is needed
sanskrit the most important language of ancient India
caste system The division of Indian society into groups based on rank, wealth, or occupation
reincarnation A Hindu and Buddhist belief that souls are born and reborn many times, each time into a new body.
Hinduism The main religion of India: it teaches that everything is part of a universal spirit called Brahman.
meditation deep, continued thought that focuses the mind on spiritual ideas
decipher to decode or figure out the meaning
enlightenment insight; a state of complete awareness and understanding
Buddhism a religion based on the teachings of Buddha that developed in India in the 500's BC
karma In Buddhism and Hinduism, the effects that good and bad actions have on a person's soul
dharma In Hinduism, a set of spiritual duties to fulfill dependent on which station you were born into
Brahmins priests or teachers who held the highest position in Aryan society
Sudras serfs, the lowest position in society
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