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Exam 3

133-30 Late Republic
political issues Late Republic
roman constitution had been written for a city state Late Republic
inadequate in ruling a empire Late Republic
have to create a whole system of ministry so laws could be enforced, armies could be maintained, and a system of tax was made Late Republic
some roman generals were getting too powerful Late Republic
soldiers return home and had to start over or sell their property to men soon had to drift into rome and created slums distrust of farm families in the late republic
latifundia plantations
Rome had military requirement what was it to own property
large body of experienced man power was going to waste why because no one owned property and were all in the slums so the roman military was falling
man who tried to make reforms for rome Tibierius Ghacchus
suggested redistributing public land to former soldiers Tibierius Ghacchus
the wealthy didn't like his ideas Tibierius Ghacchus
he was murdered by a group of senators Tibierius Ghacchus
marched a period of violence leading to the fall of the republic Tiberius Ghacchus's death
who wasTibierius Ghacchus's brother Gaius Ghacchus
took over and wanted to alleviate rome; roman citizenship should be extended to Italy Gaius Ghacchus
he was opposed by senate which led to a riot Gaius Ghacchus
him and his 3,000 supporters were murdered in a riot Gaius Ghacchus
consult to reorganize the roman legend Gaius marices
recruited soldiers if you will volunteer you will get what land
Roman army went to North Africa to put down rebellion when they returned home who wouldn't give them their land senate
the army transformed into a professional fighting forced sets stage for military rebellion
there was a revolt in Italy who was it between Marius and his supporters vs Cornielus Sulla and his supporters which where supporters of the senate
who took his army to Rome Sulla
in 82 B.C. who proclaimed dictator Sulla
made reforms in the senate's favor Sulla
in &9 B.C. he stepped down from power Sulla
in 70 B.C who came into power Pompey
what did Pompey reapply? Sulla's laws
who put down a rebellion in Asia minor and cleared Eastern Med of pirates Pompey
why was rome wealth draining it was a parasitical state
who was acquiring great wealth Roman Generals
General of the Roman Army Julius Caesar
Army conquered France Julius Caesar
he was very well known Julius Caesar
soldiers love him Julius Caesar
he was a great politician Julius Caesar
brought his army to rome in 49 B.C and defeated Pompey Julius Caesar
after defeating Pompey he became ruler of the state Julius Caesar
he instituted new reforms after Pompey Julius Caesar
44 B.C he was assassinated Julius Caesar
who replaced Julius Caesar 3 men - Mark Antony, Lepidus, Octavian
what were the 3 rulers called triumrinate
who made Lepidus a offer Octavian
what happened to Lepidus he retired into private life
who married cleopatra Mark Antony
what did Octavian accuse Mark Antony of? of wanting to become ruler of Egypt
31 B,C who was killed Mark Antony
Octavian did what to Egypt annexed Egypt from the Roman Empire
Octavian was such a good ruler that the senate gave him a new name what was his new name Augustus Caesar
Augustus entered rome into the time called what Pax Romana
What does Pax Romana mean Roman Peace
when was the Pax Romana 30 B.C to A.D 180
Government was efficient and transformed Rome to a Republic to a Empire Pax Romana
A.D 14 who died Augustas
who succeeded Augustus Caesar his step son Tiberius
Whos reign was 14-37 A.D. Tiberius
was a weak individual tried to follow his father Tiberius
died in A.D 37 at age 70 Tiberius
who succeeded Tiberius his nephew Caligula
was strange; reign was short he got his nickname "little boots" he was seriously mentally deranged Caligula
had a relationship with is sister Caligula
appointed his horse apart of the senate Caligula
he wanted rome to get england apart of his empire but he made his soldiers throw seashells Caligula
who succeeded Caligula Claudius
A.D 41- 54 Claudius
was not a bad ruler he returned the to type of rule - cystus Claudius
was murdered in 54 A.D Claudius
who succeeded Claudius by his adopted son Nero
A.D 54-68 Nero
bizarre and mentally deranged Nero
well known for his persecution of Christians Nero
There was a great fire in rome and destroyed most of the city and who did nero blame it on the christians
had lavish parties at night and made them lit by staking christians and setting them on fire Nero
he wanted to be a artist with his music Nero
entered contes in rome and would go around to judges and them impartial Nero
what did nero do to the other music contestants would threaten them not to win
his mother tried to influence his rule which led her to being murdered Nero
he committed suicide Nero
who became the emperor after a period of strife Vespasiam
A,D 69-79 Vespasiam
wanted to control of state building process Vespasiam
put down a rebellion in Gaul Vespasiam
A.D 70 Vespasiam's son titus captured what Jerusalem
Jewish resistance didn't end until Masada
What happened to the jewish settlement when the Romans got there the jewish men had killed their families and themselves
who succeeded Vespasiam his son Titus
who had a short reign in 79-81 A.D titus
was very popular called the darling of human race Titus
his reign had several disasters such as plague, another fire, and a eruption of mt. Vesuvius which destroyed Pompeii Titus
who succeeded Titus his brother Domitian
wanted to be addressed a our lord and god Domitian
he was assassinated Domitian
emperor A.D 98-117 added more provinces to the empire Traijin
emperor A.D 117-138 Hadrian
he abandoned the expansion policy Hadrian
began to consolidate he stream lined army and tighten strict on new military acton and strengthened the frontiers Hadrian
wall was built in english departed Europe and Scotland Hadrian
he toured the empire in person Hadrian
there was a major lead poisoning going on Hadrian
who succeeded Hadrian Antonimus
goos man devoted to family and his subjects Antonimus
was a reign marked by peace Antonimus
laws were revised and made more humane Antonimus
there were flaws with his reign the roman army started to get weak Antonimus
tenets farmers small time farmers who could either sell out or compete
agriculture was falling into the hands of the wealthy Antonimus
formed a legal system which formed civil law for most human civilization Antonimus
in what century did the Roman empire start to decline 3rd
upper class became what apathetic (don't care attitude)
lower classes became what discontent
what was the issue with birth in rome the birth count went down because birth control was made from a plant
the inner regional trade declined , provinces became more self efficient , agriculture declined because of soil erosion, overcropping, and deforestation falling of rome
foundations of Christianity was the teaching of Jesus from Nazareth
who helped spread the word Saint Paul
century following the crucifixion new testament was written in Greek
first three hundred years of Christianity were slow why because monotheism was refused by cults
was banned from the roman empire as soon as it became powerful Christianity
They crated a law were Christians would be what arrested and executed
by the 3rd century the christians refused to do what worship the emperor
250 the emperor Decius began the persecution of christians
the 3rd century what became strong christianity
312 who got help from the christians after his dream and trying to become emperor Constantine
323 Constantine took office as emperor and who favored him christians
337 days before he died constantine asked for what to be baptized
that became the official religion of the empire Christianity
now the new emperor persecuted who pagens
what was the result of persecution of pagans? People were coming into the church and not being sincere
some elements of what were brought into the church pagan
to keep the unity of the empire constantine called the first ecumenical meeting at Nicaea in A.D 325 as came up with what Nicene Creed
churches official commotion is what orthodox
what happened to the Roman empire? it was split
what were the two parts of rome called? Eastern and Western part
Rome was the main and were latin speaking Western part of Rome
Constantine Founded which had Constantinoble and Greek was the common language Eastern part of the empire
the west school of Latin Theology was rising under leadership of who St. Ambross, St. Jerome, St. Augustine
Who translated Bible into Latin (Vulgate translation) St. Jerome
who was very popular but wasn't afraid to call people out St. Ambross
who was the real founder of Latin Theology? St. Augustine
what does the eastern sides church turn into orthodox or know as greek orthodox
who was the head of the local church bishop
A council of bishops formed which evolved into archbishop
Eastern side wouldn't accept who the Pope
who fixed rome and was a bishop sinnocent 1
what takes the place of imperialism church
first one to claim that all of the churches to the west should pledge to the roman church with its customs sinnocent 1
middle of the 5th century created the office of the Pople Leo the Great
christian ascites where coming up which created what monasteries
people who became hermits first monks
St. Benedict founded what Monanstasystem
had a year of probation then they would have to take up 3 vows what were the vows poverty, chastity, obedience
who ruled the monasteries the abbet who led for life
What became the center pf civilization through the dark ages monasteries
what was a big threat German tribes
Romans were successful in defending until what the 4th century
in 376 who crossed the frontier Visigoths
367-369 Goths turned to Christianity
West Goths Visigoths
East Goths Ostrogoths
Visigoths invasion was triggered by what the Huns
Mongolians the Huns
who did the visigoths turn to help them Romans
Romans let visigoths let them come int on certain conditions had to surrender their arms
What did the romans neglect to do to the visigoths they didn't take their arms but robbed them
in reactions to failing through the agreement the visigoths destroyed the country side
emperor at Constantine made a deal and allowed who to settle down as allies visigoths
when emperor died what did the visigoths do rose up again
visigoths went too italy and robbed them and then what settled down
leaders of the visigoths Alaric
the visigoths pushed who into North Africa Vandals
439 Vandals took Carthage and attacked what Roman ships and costal cities
Who ruled the Huns Attila
heavily influence mayans had cities Olmec
Spanish burned their books and they were writing down actual history Olmec
don't know why they collapsed Olmec
Tikal and other places were totally abandoned Olmec
evidence of what was found overuse of the land overpopulation severe drought warfare among city states
appeared a few 100 years B.C and last until 980 A.D Olmec
central mexico 1100 A.D 1325 began building capital Aztec
sacrificed to the water god Aztec
most noted for human sacrifice Aztec
priest would pull out hearts Aztec
extended empire to most of modern day Mexico Aztec
required people to sacrifice Aztec
Spaniards gathered to fight against these people and won Aztec
capital was Cuzco app early 1400s Inca
established one of the largest and greatest civilization Inca
approached people and it was either join or die Inca
took chiefs kids Inca
extensive agriculture and were the best in textile Inca
Spaniards appeared when there was war between two brothers for ruler Inca
people who conquered helped Spanish Inca
Inca wanted to make a deal and gave what to the spaniards and they still killed him gold
441 who invaded Gaul Attila
Romans and visigoths got together to fight who Hun who withdrew
what happened to the Huns they settled
vandals went across med and attacked who Rome
who despised of the emperor of rome German General Odovacar
who now threaten italy under Odovacar's rule Ostrogoths
3 years later who ruled italy ostrogoths
german trades that invaded Britain angles, saxons, jutes
italy tribe ostrogoths
Britain Anglosaxtons
north africa vandals
gual and spain visigoths
founder of islam mohammed
mohammed grew up to be a what merchant
610 was what first religious revolution
what does islam mean submission to Allai
followers of Islam muslims
were kicked out of the city because of persecution muslims
Muhammad became what the ruler
Muhammed captured what the city of mecca
he also took over the mask Kad'aba
Muhammad's writing koran
who thought they should succeed muhammed his cousin Ali
people chose who to succeed his friend Albar Bakr
who was the emperor in 527-565 Justinian
made attempt to reunite the empire and succeeded for a short term Justinian
use internal disagreements among vandals to conquer them Justinian
took portion of Spain from the Visigoths Justinian
what status came back North Africa and Italy under Justinian imperial status and imperial taxation
who bit off more they could chew Justinian
when he died the empire collapsed because of bankrupt Justinian
invaded Italy conquered most but the Visigoths controlled the rest of Spain Lombards
By the year 200 who had taken all provinces in North Africa Arabs
reduced eastern part of Roman Empire Lombards
Who was the King of one of the Frankish tribes Clovis
what did Clovis become Christian
after Clovis died what was left of the Franks they were all united
720 began his rule over Frankish kingdom Charles Martel
was able to stop islamic invasion of Europe and they were contained in Spain Charles Martel
also set out to conquer German tribes on his borders by converting them Charles Martel
sent English monk Boniface to help convert Germans Charles Martel
what did the Monk Boniface do? he founded monasteries among the borders
states owned by the pope Papal States
who did the Pope go seek for help against the Lumbars Charles Martel
King Charles changed his name to what? Charlemaqne
who began a effort to subdue and convert Saxton tribes in Denmark and Germany Charlemaqne
is now acknowledged ruler of all of the Christian areas in the west Charlemaqne
people compared him to the old Roman Emperors Charlemaqne
What happened on Christmas day in 800 Pope Leo III crowned him emperor
What type of gov did Charlemaque run? paternalistic
How did Charlemaque affect education He urged Bishops and abbets to start training of priest which allowed monasteries to increase
Charlemaque's central government was what? weak
what happens after Charlemaque dies things begin to crumble and a series of devastating times
northmen Vikings
began raiding coastal settlements in Europe Vikings
were farmers and traders Vikings
originated from Norway Vikings
started raiding England and Ireland Vikings
they came in the shadows with no warning Vikings
what started to happen to the Vikings they started to go inland and their base camps became permanent they became apart of history
how did the Vikings affect education they looted churches and monasteries and burned them to the ground after, all those scribes and books were lost
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