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7th-201[7-chapter 5

Renaissance the revival of learning
List three techniques that resulted in differences between medieval and renaissance periods. tools art architecture
What did the change in art reveal about the shift in thinking from the medieval to Renaissance periods? stressed holy things; realized nature and humans were important because of the creations of God
What Roman Church doctrine declares that the bread and wine are changed into the body and blood of Christ? transubstantiation
What is the name of the Church court that was established to discover heresy? Inquisition
Who decreed that everyone must submit to the pope? Pope Boniface VIII
List two practices in the Roman Church that led to discontent among many in Europe. Persecution Scandal
Who was a forerunner of the Reformation? John Wycliffe
What derives access to salvation from the Roman Church? excommunication
Anabaptist one who baptizes again
List two ways the Roman Church responded to the Reformation. bringing back the Inquisition The Council of Trent
Where did the Renaissance start? Italy
The fall of what city contributed to a revival of learning in Europe? Constantinople
Who translated the first English Bible? Wycliffe
Where did the Reformation begin? Germany
What was the court church that sought to find and punish heresy? Inquisition
The Roman Church burned who at the stake? Huss
Who wrote a book on manners? Castiglone
Who published a Greek New Testament? Erasmus
Who generously supported the Renaissance? Lorenzo de Medici
What did Erasmus write to expose corruption in the Roman Church? In Praise of Folly
Where was Zwingli a reformer? Switzerland
Who wrote the Ninety-five Theses? Luther
Indulgences papers that grant pardon from the punishment of sin
Which pope authorized the issuing of indulgences to pay from the punishment of sin? Leo X
Which pope demanded submission to the pope as a requirement for salvation? Boniface VIII
Who painted the Last Supper? Leonardo da Vinci
Who painted the ceiling of Rome's Sistine Chapel? Michelangelo
Brunelleschi designed what? Cathedral of Florence
Who invented that movable type printing press? Gutenburg
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