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WH Wynn U7 Review


This word describes a perfect society. utopian
A financial supporter of the arts is called a... patron
term for subjects taught in ancient Rome; grammar, rhetoric, poetry, history humanities
An art technique that shows a 3 dimensional world on a 2 dimensional surface perspective
Copernicus' theory that all the planets revolved around the sun heliocentric
A subgroup of a major religious group is called a... sect
When the Catholic church recognizes someone as a saint, they ______ them. canonize
This is a branch of mathematics invented by Isaac Newton calculus
How did the Reformation change religion in Europe? split Christianity into Protestantism and Catholicism; Europe was no longer ruled by one church; outbreak of religious wars
What were Martin Luther's views of Christianity? salvation by faith alone; all humans are equal before God; Bible is the ultimate authority
Two central beliefs of Martin Luther's 95 Theses Bible is the central religious authority; salvation NOT through indulgences
What role did Gutenberg's printing press play in the Renaissance for the average person? People could own and read their own books.
What group was formed to spread Catholic doctrine throughout the world? Society of Jesus (Jesuits)
How did the Catholic Church respond to the Protestant Reformation? They launched the Catholic Counter-Reformation.
How did the printing press change book PUBLISHING (2 ways) books could be made quicker; books became more affordable
What 3 things did humanism stress the importance of? thinking for oneself; balancing intellect & religious faith; classical (Greek & Roman) teaching
How did Martin Luther spark the Reformation? By posting his 95 Theses to the door of the church in Wittenberg, Germany
John Calvin's most controversial belief was his belief in .... predestination
The Act of Supremacy gave Henry VIII of England what title? Head of the Church of England
Why did Henry VIII want to leave the Catholic Church? He wanted a divorce from his wife, which was not allowed by the Church.
What 2 groups did Elizabeth I of England bring together to form the modern Church of England? Catholics and Protestants
Northern Renaissance thinkers merged humanist ideas with... Christianity
What was the first book Johann Gutenberg printed on his new printing press? The Bible
What caused Martin Luther to separate from the Catholic Church? He disagreed with church practices, especially taking money to forgive sins (indulgences)
What did the printing press do to literacy rates? increased them
In what language were most books printed in? the vernacular
The belief in the importance of the individual is part of ... humanism
What 4 things does humanism stress? importance of independent thinking; classical teachings; balancing intellect and religious faith; focus on daily life and actions of people
Humanism arose from the study of... classical Greek and Roman culture.
What 3 things made it possible for the Renaissance to begin in Italy? Italy had lots of wealthy patrons of the arts. Italian city-states survived the Middle Ages & became centers of manufacturing & trade. Italy was the center of ancient Rome & there was a reawakened interest in Rome.
What was the name of the family that ruled Florence and were known for their patronage of the arts? Medici family
A male who excelled in many areas of study was called a... Renaissance man
Who wrote the plays Hamlet and Julius Caesar? William Shakespeare
This person experimented with manned flight, war machines, art, and was the original Renaissance man. Leonardo da Vinci
What was the Renaissance? a time of creativity and change in politics, society, the economy, and art.
This document was issued by the Roman Catholic Church to pardon sins committed during a person's lifetime. indulgence
This term describes the everyday language of ordinary people. vernacular
This is a type of government run by religious leaders. theocracy
This term describes a Calvinist belief that God long ago determined who would gain salvation. predestination
Created by: Ms.Wynn