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GSE Unit 4 Vocab #1

GSE Unit 4 Vocabulary Review #1

NAFTA – North American Free Trade Agreement ( a free trade agreement between the U.S., Canada, and Mexico)
narcotics – Any controlled, non-medicinal substance (especially drugs)(Often traded illegally)
Colombian Exchange – The movement of peoples, agricultural commodities, diseases, and cultures between the Old World and New World during the European Age of Exploration.
globalization – Process of interaction and integration among various parts of the world through commercial and cultural exchange.
smog – An atmospheric phenomenon whereby vehicle exhaust and factory smoke combine with fog.( A major source of air pollution in areas like Mexico City)
deforestation – The destruction of a forested area, typically because of human activities. (Like the cutting of trees in the Amazon Rain Forest for lumber or cattle ranching)
lumber – Wood that has been cut into planks for commercial construction use.
arable – suitable for farming (good farmland)
climate – the average annual weather conditions in a given location.
commodities - any raw material or agricultural product that is bought and sold (such as Cotton,Wheat,Corn,Sugar,Silver,Brent Oil,Gold,Natural Gas,Coffee,Crude Oil)
Created by: jpkelley