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World History

World History Age of Absolutism test

How did Charles V of Spain acquire the Hapsburg lands or the Holy Roman Empire? he was the King of Spain and an heir to the Hapsburgs
What troubles did Charles V of Spain have in controlling the New Huge Spanish Empire? 1. caused involvement in constant warfare 2. was threatened by the Ottoman Empire
How did King Philip II of Spain defend Catholicism? 1. defended the Catholic reformation 2. enforced Catholicism in his lands 3. fought wars against protestant countries
Why did Philip II of Spain battle his people in the Netherlands? the Northern Dutch Netherlands declared independence from Spain with British support in 1581
Why did Philip II of Spain see England's Queen Elizabeth as his chief Protestant enemy? she encouraged English pirates to raid Spanish treasure ships
What was the size of the Spanish Armada? 130 ships, 20,000 men, 2,400 artillery
Name 2 reasons why the Spanish Armada was defeated by the English? 1.lighter, faster ships sank in the English Channel 2.severe storm scattered the Spanish ships
Name 4 reasons why Spain's power declined during the Age of Absolutism? 1.successors of Philip II were not good rulers 2.costly wars overseas drained Spanish economy
Created by: VickieJ10